Hatchlings Question

If you restart the game and lets say farm the hatchlings with  lvl 59’s, does that affect the spawn rate

of the hatchlings and starters? I have been farming for a week now and they don’t seem

to spawn at any of the four tiles, and was wondering if you have to get far enough in the game

for them to appear. Thanks.

No they appear 1/200 no matter when, or what u use. The lvl of arks u have does depend on the percentage u can catch them with full health. Just keep trying ur best, if u can read the threads about the metalodius strategy.
That second sentence is backwards :confused:

If you’re referring to battles not appearing, you need to tap the spot if your arks are much higher than those of the area.

I have used that tip and got a Metalodius to quicken the time. Although I do go back to the town ever so often,

but it seems that I can’t find starters or hatchlings. But thank you for answering I will just keep trying for them.

Hey u r guaranteed to see one after 2000 battles, without going back to the town so

Does the timer restart when you go to the town?

One last question lol.

Yes :slight_smile:

It’s not actually been confirmed either way, although the community is actually leaning towards that it doesn’t.

Personally I don’t think it does.

In any case though, you’d have to be incredibly unlucky not to se one by 2000 battles (which happens to be the main reason no-one has been able to confirm the above). Spawn rate is 1/200 so on average you should see one every two hundred battles. To be 10 times worse than the average? Would have to have broken a fair few mirrors lol.

Well it took me DAYS to find a single hatchling. Then it failed with 97%  <_<

I just kept going and after my first omega the others came a bit faster

I just can’t seem to find any, but I will not give up. xD

Although, DropDoc did you seem to find the starters?

Also Sabercrest, do you know the battle count for the starters and if a hatchling

appearing restarts the timer for one of them? Trying for a Dreadwolf(sp?).

I’m not sure, but I think the counter changes on each spot, I could be very wrong though. Also the starters seem rarer, not sure if it’s because only 2arks appear(max) instead of three with the hatchlings.

Starters are also 1/200 chance of spawning, but they can be harder to find because of the reason The Master specified.

Less arkadians spawn, so it generally takes longer.

There’s only one counter, and its always 2000. When you encounter a rare (any rare) then it resets. So if you’re hunting for a starter, do 100 battles without any luck, and then decide to move over to a hatchling spot for 50 battles, the counter will be at 150. If you see a hatchling then the counter is reset. So if you then decide to go back to the starter spot you’re starting again at 0.

I think this also includes semi rare’s like Frostjack, so I wouldn’t go battling in other areas than the hatchlings or starters.

Hum thanks guys for all the info and help. I will try and get my hatchlings. c:

Been taking long but well worth it in the end haha.

Less arkadians spawn, so it generally takes longer.

I believe this is false. I have found a Spark alone in a fight

^its actually true. If three arks spawn at a time then u have 3 times the chance of seeing one. If two arks spawn u only have twice the chance.

I do believe you mean “MATH”

Science is math, I used a formula :stuck_out_tongue:

0.5% refers to single ark, or fight?

Single ark

oh, that’s nice to hear! :smiley:

I have now more will to farm hatchling/starters