Tips on hatchlings and starters?

Is there any way to boost your chances on finding the starters or hatchlings? I have tried a million times and havent got any of them…


Keep staying in the same spot

Alright thank you.

MAke sure you farm on the right spot though.

After so many battles without finding any rare spawns you will hit the counter max and have 100% chance to find a rare spawn. It just takes a while and if you find another rare spawn in the meantime that counter will be reset so just keep trying for the same ones over and over. Also make sure to kill the spikey ball arks first before you try and capture as they will block your capture shot and that gold or silver will have been wasted. Also try and bring an ark that has the retreat ability and have an ark right after it that is very very low level and that only deal a few points of damage so you can do a few damage to it and up your capture odds to 100% as it really sucks to try and capture it with almost 100% and to fail on something that rare.

Is metallodius the only ark with the escape ability?

Yes, but escape doesn’t increase the counter.

What do you mean increase the counter?

Basically, at 2000 battles, it will force a hatchling or starter to appear.

It’s never reached that point.

So using metallodius and the escape method it will never force one at 2000? It’s pretty much luck of the draw?


Crappy :confused: any idea how long it would take me to get all of them?

Depends on luck

Some get them in two days

Some it takes months

Depends on how much time you wish to devote to it

Not that bad la…

Say each battle takes u 5-10 seconds… Even when you hit counter, 2000 battles will be 10,000 seconds = 3-5 hours per hatchling/starter max if you keep farming the same (right) spot.

Not bad at all actually, the spawn chance itself is 1 in 221, so to actually get to the 2000th battle you would need terrible luck.

You got it

I’ve never heard anyone actually getting to it and those that claim they have clearly couldn’t count

2000 tries not a single starter this sucks (and ye)s sadly I counted, also have metallodious… :sweat:

Edit:meant hatchling…

i got 3 starters except snorkling and 1 hydrowyrm im so stuck its taking forever to get the last started and the other two took me less than 2 mins

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