greedy company


Greedy , way too much greed !!! I know u want money but Mana for everything is just a whole new level of greediness !!

Also act 4 is amazing …I’m just kidding , you guys are the worst …

Also in app store , change your game description to “SUMMON cool chatacters” from “CATCH cool characters” … why do u have to mislead innocent gamers to make money !


Agree,thats the main reason i decided to quit that game.

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Most are already pissed off in discord and are gonna quit…

Ntt deserves it… 3 months for designing dices and roses… And no content whatsoever…


I just started Act 4.

I exited the app before I started the first mission just to come on the forum and say this…

based on the scene before the mission, I must say I really hope you’re not ripping off Alice in a Wonderland :joy:

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The worst thing is being thrown totally in the dark after beta. There I was happy to see the progress and direction the game was taking, which was COMMUNICATED to us here on forum, by devs. At least somebody could be coming online once a week to reply to the threads, as people are saying anything they want and most of the posts have a negative tone. I think being mute for so long is hurting the game quite bad.

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SSR are mythics compared to neo. These guaranteed SR or 1% chance to get SSR is bullshit. Completely gambling again. Saved up 4k shards just to get maximum in 4 packs only SR weapons. Not even a new character. It’s just a question of time until the players realize that and the game will be left with none then p2w players but those will be bored as well if they can not play against anybody :joy:


Yeah but the SSR are very overpowered compared to Neo. A level 100 SSR is on its own planet really.

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Devs all took their holidays but I agree it seems very lazy for the 2 month wait. Someone coming in and talking to us would have helped a ton to make people feel at ease


This game wasn’t just a few months project either. At least I think this was supposed to be a code named project ‘dragon island red’ or something like that quite a while ago. It was supposed to be a step up from Dragon Island Blue, in my opinion the best game they ever made and one that actually resembled their ‘monster catcher’ but obviously we can see pure laziness post-game release here for Evertale. It seems that the devs have chosen to ignore suggestions etc on the forums, their Facebook account is hardly active too. So many great things could have happened with this game but ruined by devs that are ignorant to their fans…


Yeah, the game is greedy with mana, also, I finished act 4 in less than an hour? Just one chapter… Yikes. The summons really have a low rate, but somehow I’m a f2p user and have 3 ssr characters and 4 ssr weapons, I guess I’m lucky


I hate the game and the prices we all need to give it 1 star :star: on the reviews if we want a change

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You guys can search for the new regulations of China gocha law enforced since last month. Unfortunately, very few countries have similar law.

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Yep. The key info is “In short, with the new regulations, a rare item must be guaranteed to drop within no more than “X” amount of loot box opens.”


Explains why Chinese players so lucky


Are @Dev_VKC and @Dev_BRD aware of this!?!?!

Bring back the 300g guarantee!!! Maybe youll start seeing Boilers money again.


Just get the app from China


I guess NTTR does not care as neo has been no longer available in itunes app store of China for a long time.


Its actually sad that the government has to step in to bring balance into gacha games, just shows how greedy these companies are and how much they exploit their consumer base.

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So did I understand correctly that the Chinese have a different version of the game where they get guaranteed drops?

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