Please compensate us!

!we love this game and hope you can make it work. But it is hard for us to accept maintenance just after opening the service. The maintenance time is too long, you did not leave a good impression on our players, we even doubt your ability, we are not willing to pay for this game. I hope you can give compensation to players, come on!

Some of us have been unable to even start, because Android version hasn’t appeared in the store yet! Be happy! :stuck_out_tongue:

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OP’s name and profile pic are confusing. I thought this was posted by Evertale team. :grin:

Ok,!be happy:sweat_smile:

1000 GEM 给我们
Give us a thousand diamonds


Chill man, I think most of us just want the stuff we earned and lost back. It sucks not knowing if it’d be better to chug along without all the stuff (rank, items, characters, etc) you earned or start over.

Did you lose some CDs @FMLex ?

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When I saw that correctly we got some diamonds after the maintenance…
And don’t forget it’s a brand new game so it’s normal that there are still some bugs…


I know right? What sort of person pays for something and then expects to receive it unbroken and functional?

Bitches. Entitled bitches.

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Lol this game costs 99 cents @Whirlwind

People are just mad they lost their CDs