Should I play evertale

I have it from a sale and thinking of playing is it good or just grinding I am already playing another grinding game so i won’t have that much time for it should I play it or not

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Honestly, it went through some HUGE changes this week with version 2.0 update and it doesn’t look good for the future. Pretty much all content is now auto-play and it’s all about logging in regularly to grab your free stuff, spending money to advance things faster. It’s become an afk, generic game with very little actual gameplay. The community is making an uproar and the Devs have already made a couple of quick announcements they’re going to reconsider some things, only 2 days after release of the update. They also deleted a huge number of complaints written on the discord from what I hear, even banning people who spoke out too badly.

So no idea what the future of the game holds, whether the Devs will U-turn and put more gameplay elements into it again or continue down the route of the afk style. Right now though it looks like something to avoid because the new way it’s set up is horrible.


I think we must take this opportunity to thank our beloved vkc , brd and others for not letting neo take any crazy turns as EVT … :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::grin:


I completely agree. I’m sure they’ve had to fight a few battles internally to keep Neo Monsters on the track it is. A few fights got lost like the mythics and the waifu but who knows what this game could’ve become without them.


Evertale is the ultimate gacha hell. There is no worse gacha than evertale

Lel here I thought it could be cool after 2.0 update and rerolled a couple of times together for a good stuff and after the update…meh

Did anyone Evertale you that Neo is the superior game but Ryan uses all of zigzagame’s funding and manpower for Evertale


I came from evertale… The new update sucks. The only cool part is the graphics, also world chat. Besides that it’s pretty boring. I only login for the gems to roll. I never play online content anymore.

looks like the game is dying

Ofcourse you can always try it out for yourself. You might have a different opinion on it.

This quote finally makes sense

Devs just destroyed quite good game because they are very greedy but they still can make it better. Neo was also destroyed by adding mythicals into the game and events were the same for years. I played neo almost since it was released.

Neo fallen deep not because of mythics but because of hoes

Uh… As moderator in Evertale Discord… is hard to say. At this moment… No at all


I dont like… Neo monsters is best