Act 2 Ruins The Game

Okay, I just completed Act 2 and I gotta say that it’s terrible. What possible reason could the developers have to ruin the second half of the game? Act 2 is a completely different game and DEFINETLY not the one I bought.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain. Pretty much everything that made the game fun is removed once you enter Act 2.

  • Free roaming is removed

  • NPC are removed

  • Chests are removed

  • Shops are removed

  • Towns are removed

  • Wild encounters are removed (which means bye bye capturing monsters)

  • Battles against enemies now cost mana

And to top it all off, once you complete Act 2. The game pretty much doesn’t want you to play it anymore. Since everything except PvP costs mana. So you can have a couple of battles at best and then you need to turn the game off and come back in a couple of hours.

In Act 1, I could at least go around capturing monsters and farming exp with wild encounters if I didn’t have anything to do. But I can’t go back to Act 1 since it’s too low level. And I can’t do that in Act 2 since it’s removed.

It feels like the developers had tons of passion with Act 1, then they lost their passion or was pressed by deadlines so they needed to quickly scrap something togheter for Act 2.


Agree it was kinda lacklustre I hope they go back to finn and towns etc in act 3 and maybe alternate
So act 1 catch monsters
Act 2 grab rare items etc
Act 3 catch monsters
And so on

Yeah. Right now I don’t see any reason to play the game. I’m just waiting for mana to recharge, there’s nothing else to do. Which sucks since this was a game I paid for.

Really hope Act 3 return to its roots and we can forget the monstrosity that is Act 2.

Very true. I would watch the game for a month or two see where it’s heading etc that’s I plan to do.

Excellent first and second posts @Lambi !

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What they could do is after act 1
Increase the levels of all wild monsters
Add some new rare shaking grass
Reset al the trainer battles
Put the old shaking grass monsters into the normal grass or simply just add more rares into the wild nothing crazy though

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Like an act 1 hard mode? Lol

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Yeah a hard mode could work. Literally anything that allows me to continue playing without having to wait for mana to recharge.

There are two things you can do without spending mana once you’ve completed Act 2. One is playing PvP. The other is going back to Act 1 and doing wild encounters which will be insanely easy battles that gives almost no exp.

Pretty much allows people to continue exploring and training while they wait for mana to reload. Also by adding certain rares and allowing them to be re captured keeps players sticking around waiting for events or daily log ins

I thought act 2 was a mini game or something…very disappointing, if they plan on making this act 2 nonsense the entire game from now on, I’m not sticking around. Act 1 was really good though.


Maybe we should all send a mail to complain about that :slight_smile:
I’m still on Act 1 as I’m stuck at the moment but I suppose I gonna be soon in Act 2…

Have you noticed you get mana potions from leveling up and also on daily rewards? They should be more than enough to make significant progress in the Act 2. Also Act 2 is the “online mode” that’s why there is no free roaming and monster captures. In the previous release (Neo Monsters) the online mode was even worse than it is in Evertale (super boring). At least now you can collect nice accessories and have recurring meets with NPC heroes.

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Yes I’m aware of the mana potions I have. But they’re still limited and they are also wasted if I use them for encounters in Act 2 because you will need them for Power Up battles.

Also even with infinite mana, Act 2 is still extremely bad. Mana was just one of many things that made Act 2 terrible.

I wouldn’t say it’s “terrible” although certainly not as enjoyable as Act 1. The story is a bit strange at times as well, the flow is not as good as in act 1.

I also get the feeling too many people are rushing through the game. In general Zigzagame’s games have required patience and are not supposed to be beaten the first day. What happens is you’ll end up with nothing to do very quickly. Everyone has their opinion on this but at least I find it most enjoyable when you play 1-2 hours a day max. I’m not saying this is the ‘correct’ way of playing, just a different perspective to consider.

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How you choose to play the game is fine. But I consider Act 2 terrible since they cut every fun aspect of the game and just made it obnoxious to play instead. Also Act 2 is much shorter than Act 1.

For instance, they could simply remove the mana cost from encounters in Act 2, that itself would vastly improve the experience.

Act 1 allowed you to play at your own pace, however Act 2 FORCES you to play at a certain pace.

Terrible is the best word to desribe Act 2. If the entire game was like Act 2, then I’d never even play it to begin with. Instead I would play any other F2P gacha game that arguably has more content. The reason why I played the game to begin with, was because of how it was presented in Act 1.


I put up a review on App Store in order to warn people who might purchase this game.

Now if this was a free to play game, I wouldn’t do that. But considering people are actually spending money to play this game, I think it’s in their right to know about how the game changes.

I implore any other person to do the same. Maybe it will get the developers attention, but even if it doesn’t, it will at least inform new players.

Now I’m not telling people NOT to buy the game. I’m simply informing them on a misleading first half of the game.


@Lambi , the game cost less than a dollar, don’t be so cheap.

Taking time out of your day to write a review with the goal of convincing people not to spend 99 cents is such a douchebag thing to do.

Evertale devs I got to back


@NMEGaryOak I think you missed the point. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t buy the game. I’m informing them that the game changes after the first half, which some people (like myself) wouldn’t want.

It’s like you buying a couple of apples and then realizing some of them are rotten. Then when you go to complain, the response is “they cost less than a dollar, don’t be so cheap”.

The cost doesn’t matter. People have a right to know exactly what they’re buying. I don’t know why you’d call that being a “douchebag”.

My review doesn’t say “This game sucks, stay away from it”. In my review I commend the first half of the game and even stated that I enjoy it. Then I go on to explain that the second half removes a lot of what made the game fun. After that it’s up to the person reading the review to decide if he still wants to buy the game.


@Lambi have you ever written a negative yelp review of a fast food restaurant? :joy:

Answer honestly

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@NMEGaryOak No, never.

I’ve written fairly few reviews. And the only times I do is when I either feel that the game deserves the praise. Or if there are major issues that needs to be addressed.