Finally got Kamiwyrm

Finally after thousands of wins & pvp trades, I got my 7 orblings & kamiwyrm.

To admin/mods, this coming update wouldn’t categorise me as a hacker right?

I got it through sweat & tears lol…

Just used it once for pvp battle, I haven’t been too impressed.

Pics attached :slight_smile:

So excited… Sorry if I’m rubbing too much…


However, if you haven’t been too impressed, then you have much to learn :) 

And that’s fantastic, I can use it legitimately as well now!

Yeah, sure…leave me in the dust. >.>

Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Gratz buddy! I wish I could say that I did as well, but I’ve been ridiculously busy. No time to PvP nowadays.

Kamiwyrm is one of the best monsters in the game. Tis amazing when used properly.

Thanks. I don’t think I’m the first one, am I? I saw #1 in pvp leaderboard has won over 1800 battles… he should have got it legitimately…

Also could you please confirm about the hacker detector for the update? or should I send a pm to admin?

I’d ask the developers, but if you got it legitimately there really should be nothing to worry about. They can’t possibly punish someone who played the game how it was supposed to be played…

Congrats! Too bad i cant pvp right now due to a bug

And yes after using it for pvp for a while I now know why it’s amazing!!

I literally defeated 15 arks in pvp with only shadowstalker, kamiwyrm, mossgolem & minespider…

Now, testing more strategy to use him…

Yeah you smashed me with it haha your team is really good now.

Nice one man.

Hello taijd

Nice you Got the kamiwyrm thats impressive really hard work for does diamonds :wink:

So i been looking at your screenshoots and done a little math on it…

Its says that you won 1079 matches and lost 362 …

So i Said to my self how Can that be possible that you Got so many diamonds…

I play a lot of pvp my self you kno… Then i startet to realize that i been playing arrund 800 matches and lost 600 i mean thats many matches to , considering im only at 410k diamonds.

So i startet the math taking your 1079 matches x 500 diamonds (if you play Master all winning matches)

1079 x 500 gets me to 539500 diamonds thats alot really

I also took your 362 losing matches x 250 (and again if all your losses where in the Master)

362 x 250 gives me 90500 diamonds not even a 100k. Hmmf

539500 diamonds + 90500 diamonds gives me 630000 diamonds not even close to kami?

So Can you please explain something to me because if you aint cheating you most have something to say…

There is also something called PVP with friends which give 777 diamonds. He is always in the chat asking to PVP with people. He probably just did alot of those matches as well when he was not doing public PVP. Your math is correct, but you did not put that into consideration.

Arh forgot about it …

Yeah it gives sence now then he most have won arround 360k by friends thats many matches but possible…
But the when you win a match against a friend it count as a win doesn’t it ?

It doesnt count as a win or a loss if you play with friends. It’s just for fun and for the 777 diamonds.

lol & I was about to jokingly said I hacked the rest of the 400K diamonds…

Yes people on chat will know how I would ask everyone to do pvp swap. It’s more fun, more variety of team, more diamonds to win, give them the chance to win diamonds too, faster, wouldn’t be as frustrating if facing pvp bugs & if keep losing, wouldn’t go to pvp record lol…

I was just doing it a lot these last couple weeks, earning 400K just within these 2 weeks as I am going overseas for a month on Sunday - doubt there will be good internet to pvp there…




yeah. Wow, that must’ve been a lot of work! Amazing job! *7*

Congrats Tajid, you well deserve it after all these hard works.

I am going to stay off the public PVP for a while, as now the beta testers can use Kamiwyrm in PVP (and OM) too, and I don’t think they have spent the same amount of effort as Tajid…

You don’t know how much effort we spent beta testing that game… months and months of it, dedicating our time to ensuring the game was as bug free as we could make it so that you all could enjoy the game.

Yes, we missed a few - some of those weren’t there when we tested because there wasn’t the same load, and we used a special sandbox Game Center, so we didn’t get to test Game Center too well.

So we didn’t put the effort into PvPing? Well, the effort we did put into the game was far more than the effort that anyone would put into PvPing. 

Just because we have them, doesn’t mean the Kami makes the team unbeatable.

You should always push yourself to go as far as possible and if that means coming up with a strat to beat Kami, then do it.

If it makes anyone else happy, I’ll stay off PVP with Kami (meaning ill use all other legal Arks) until a significant number have Kami as well

I should mention, too, that I don’t go in public PvP at all right now. So I wasn’t implying that I would be using Kamiwyrm in PvP.

But it still annoys me when people say we haven’t put effort into the game and don’t “deserve” to have it. If you count all the PvPing I did in beta back when we got only 5-15 diamonds, I’d probably be pretty close by now. 

And we DID put a whole lot of effort into testing the game, which should count for something.

On this, I agree with Ashley

We worked hard, very hard to help make this game as bug free as possible.

Some were unforeseen

Some were bigger issues once the full release happened.

We didn’t just sit there twiddling our thumbs. We spent weeks, months going over every inch of the game

Now, can we stop with the animosity against the Betas and towards each other? It’s getting childish and makes us all seem stupidly petty.

Now go play the game or something!