Icannot believe my eyes, just met one in PVP,so this means SOMEONE already reached 960k diamonds in pvp!?

Not a chance. Either a beta tester breaking the rules or a cheater.

That thing looks sick.

But he is ice element, omegawyrm still win hands down BTW i got pawned in that battle, can do something about the hacks?

Next update the cheaters will be taken care of.

I’ve been playing against this beast since the third day after release. I’ve also seen the green panther, but that seems more reasonable.

Vegitiger can be retrieved from the Eggs, so that’s not an issue

And can I get the dark Meozward without a Golden Egg?

Where do I get stegospike? And the fire lion, and mega jaws?

WAIT, there’s a DARK meowzard??

I found him in another post. its called Felimancer and you can get him in an egg

I fought him also :’( I want my kamiwrym! I’m at 4 orblings now

when is the update? and what can we expect?

The next update will be this week

Expect an Arkadion :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoo! Arkadion!

And is anyone else seeing Shenron’s long lost brother when looking at kamiwyrm? Same for Solaris, …crap, already forgot the death cat’s name…

Why is shenron’s long lost brother stuck in ark island while his big bro is still in dragon island?

Seperated at birth. but hoping to reunite! B)

I can’t wait. Got my kamiwyrm recipe ready.
Also now I checked again it says 7 orblings, before it was 4…

No, it’s always been 7…

What exactly is an orbling? And where do I find it?

And another question, where do you find the kamiwyrm recipe? Is it after the Omegawyrm quest?

All the answers to those questions are that they are PvP rewards