I won...

So I was just pvping against someone, and I beat them, but It counted as a defeat… I want my streak back DX

this is a known issue

Ok… It was a pretty intense battle though :stuck_out_tongue:

At least the battle was enjoyable! :slight_smile:

It sure was lol. The opponent made the mistake of keeping my don alive and I show downed the last guy

I don’t worry about the occasionally lose because of this bug. I get more annoyed by the increasing number of loses to cheaters with a kamiwyrm that are not even on the leaderboard. That is even more annoying than the stego/charc teams. At least most of them didn’t cheat. The longer we wait before a fix is made, the harder it will be to detect the hackers. Very few players currently should have a kami. I just hope that i get the kami before the introduction of new and powerful arks in the weekly missions just make it an ordinary ark. Except for the vegitiger, the arks that were the pvp awards have been very disappointing. I realize that more money is made by giving most players two out of three arks needed to create the weekly OM ark in the weekly rat maze so that purchase of mission eggs are needed to complete the ark, but for long term health of the game, I encourage the devs to create a better strategy. Except for the players interested in seeing how far they can get in in infinite dungeon, pvp is what keeps players interested in continuing the game (and spending money). If it wasn’t for pvp, HI. Is just another dragon island blue.

In what instances will the Kamiwurm ever become just a normal ark? I played an all Beta team on many occasions and it had Kami in the lineup.OM arks are going to be that powerful? If this is so there’s not really much incentive to get those 960K in diamonds.

Janto001, I hope you are right. However every type of game like this that I have played had continued power creep to encourage purchases. The OM typically gives you 2/3 of the ark to encourage you to buy mission eggs to complete it. This requires the new arks to be slightly better than the existing ones. Otherwise purchasing will decrease. The new arks are needed to keep the game interesting for the existing players. So far the developers have shown very good restraint (except for the shadowstalker which may be slightly overpowered). With smaller power creep and the introduction of new skills, the game will keep my interest. So far, the developers have done an excellent job at this.

Yeah and that’s what they need to do to make a living. I agree shadowstalker is OP, like stegospike, if used in conjunction with the right arks, they are much higher than 12 stars. Kamiwurm with stasis and shadowstalker along with stegospike can wreak havok on entire lineups.