How Much Orblings Do You Have

Currently I have 4 so how much do yall have lol

^ show off lol

Show-off would be saying 7… the 7th is the real hard one. 

you will get it eventually…

I imagine in about a year :slight_smile:

probably half a year lol

I have 5 I believe and am at 108k points.


2, still gotta go hard in the PvP field

also 2 - still have to get a proper line-up for pvp.

getting tired of being swiped away by these omegawyrm - barricadus - omegawyrm people during pvp

I have 5 so far!!! Lol

4 here and counting


Okay, I really have to stop messing with the PvP threads. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

But good luck everyone. Whoever gets kamiwyrm first (legitimately) post a topic and I’ll throw a literal party for you. It’s really amazing to see people are already at 6 orblings - that’s scary. But 2 orblings or just 1 is still pretty awesome. It’s one step closer to getting one of the only 12* in game (right now). So good job everyone!

Well 5 isnt really hard to get haha number 6 and 7 makes the difference

I have 6.

4! :smiley:

Oh i would want to go throwing parties for people who h a c k. Just saying^^
I have 5

That’s why I said legitmately haha. Well, we’ll see what’s left of the cheaters/hackers after the update.