How many people here get Kamiwyrm and how many crystal you have now.

Now I have about 590,000Diamond



290k half the world away lol



Ohh you nearly get the final one.

 With your win 2,649 match compare to your diamond.

It mean you always win, ha ha ha. I think I use to have PVP with you once.

And now your are no.1 on vs best record in the world now.

Yea crazy nicky!!

I think im almost 1100k, been a while since i last pvped…

I don’t think many has got it. Maybe 2-3 people only so far that got it legitimately…

It is much harder to progress now that it was for the earlier players,  back before there was a Masters level, matches were typically shorter with less strategy.  They were basically a bashfest.  A destructor could plow through an opponents deck in a couple of minutes.  Now at the masters level, progression is much slower because most attacks are not AOE and stun is used more frequently.

its so stupid how there are not days which you can get double and tirble diamonds

it would make pvp so much more appealing if kami were actually obtainable by players who dont play all day everyday

also the prizes inbetween arks are bad, seriously tickets? come on man

Those tickets are great for stocking up so you don’t have to go crazy and spend them all and wait for more tickets.

Hopefully one day they’ll put in a double or triple diamonds day but the other issues ABSOLUTELY have to be worked out before anything else