Fan Art

I thought, seeing as how the community seems rather creative that a fan art thread would be a good idea! This will be a place to show off your love of the game by making things whether they be drawings, digital art, models, whatever you like as long as it’s related to Hunter Island!!

Before we go let loose on the thread, let’s go over some basic house-keeping rules:

General forum rules e.g. appropriate images please, no foul language
Art posted here must be related to Hunter Island
Please be kind to one another! Constructive criticism is always welcome but make it constructive :slight_smile:

And on top of everything, be as creative as you like!

Here is my first contribution to the thread. I felt a little creative today, picked up a pencil and started drawing. It’s now been a couple of hours and I think I’ve exhausted myself for tonight but here it is…

It’s my first attempt at the kind of cartoon cell-shading stuff so please be kind haha First person to tell me what creature it is from Hunter Island wins…umm…(#)

It looks great. You have talent. :slight_smile:

Thanks man :slight_smile: Not finished quite yet but I’ll tackle it next time!

Great job dude, that looks awesome.

Thanks man, looking forward to any fan art you make, you have a lot of talent :wink:

Why thank you :o  I am working on some sketches so maybe soon :wink:

Nice work :wink:
Looks cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome stuff here, great job!


Thank you very much :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing some more fan art pop up here at some point :wink:

Fan art is the best art

So, here is a quick fan art of the Vulcaraptor,  He’s probably my favorite just because of his design!  

Total time working on this: Around 2-3 hours.

Dude that’s awesome! I love your art style, the mountains are a great touch :slight_smile:

Thank you :smiley:  I don’t like the hand but hands are hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Hands are incredibly hard! In fact, I would’ve just avoided the hand and added a bit more scenery in the background like a forest or something just cause I like to be lazy but you gave it a shot and you did pretty damn well :wink:

Again thank you!!!  I’m pretty happy with the raptor though. :3

hihybrid_zpscc113e6c.png hybrid of a few monsters in the game!

(it was a little hard getting the picture out of the background)

in my profile pic its a hybrid i made from geomon.

Now that just looks… wrong. :open_mouth:

Oh my goodness, this could be a great forum game once the full game is released! Like, 4 monsters mixed up and we guess at what monsters they are. That is absolutely ideal!

Wow, you guys are definitely talented. Amazing job, everyone. ^v^

I saw KiltedCobra’s leviathan on the FB page. It’s awesome! So crisp and clean. 

I really like your picture, PREDleader. It almost looks like it came out of a movie. *7*

I always loved your hybrids, jjchen. And the afro. I mean, who doesn’t like afros?