Just an art thread

I’m an artist so I wanna post some art. Some is Hunter Island related, others won’t be, so yeah.

I do commissions but please please please do not ask me on this site! Find me elsewhere. :stuck_out_tongue: This is just for me posting stuff I’ve done.

Anyways, some recent stuff.




Dinosaur. I messed up his feathers but eh.

Those look awesome :slight_smile:

Cool! You’re a pretty good artist



Amazing Archeonis, I see. Not quite sure what the second is, but it looks just as amazing. Wow, your coloring is so neat. I’m just grinning so hard now. Awesome art!

… So, where are you on other sites? :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a mutated Piccio hahahaha

You can find me by searching “daigonite” on google, and not clicking “do you mean Dragonite” lol. I’m mainly on tumblr these days but I’m not crazy active.

And it’s just a dino I drew lol. I was going for the dromeosaur theropod deal with Scarlet Macaw colouring, but I got carried away with the “distant world” theme lol.

Call it Piccio :smiley:


Ah, haha. ^^ Thanks for telling me.

And it looks great. The colors are very pretty! You have a great eye for detail ^^


Here’s a basic tutorial on how to draw birds. I just sketched it up real quick, and it’s not intended to be a full scope of the subject, and the wings I rushed, but you get the idea. Remember, if you’re interested in drawing birds, there’s nothing better than a field guide or online references. You can learn the different parts of a bird and learn how they lay out on a bird, and where feathers go.

You’re really good at it !


Thank you Daigonite, that was awesome. >7<

I used to always try drawing the whole bird, rather than just some parts of it, but I’ll draw what you suggested.

Such a cute breezekite, too vuv

Wow! U sir are a very good artist