Your Art!

This thread is to show off your guy’s work that isn’t related to Hunter Island.  If you want to post Hunter Island Fan Art please post it Here.


1. Only post art that is yours, do not copy someone else’s work and claim it as your own.

2. Keep it appropriate.  No sexual, gory or offensive art at all!  If you are uncertain about if your photo is appropriate contact me via Personal Messenger and I will let you know if it’s appropriate for the forum or not.

3. Be polite to other user’s artwork.  If you are going to criticizes someone’s work make sure it’s constructive and polite.

Alright, now that is established let me show you some of my personal favorite work I have made.


A little fan art I did for Transformers Prime…I’m a child at heart and I’m 100% proud of it!


A fan art I did for How to Train your Dragon.  I made this so I could practice my starry nights and shading.  I’m proud of it.


Dragon engraved in stone…I love this one.  Made it for no reason but I love it! :3

Anyway I am eager to see what you guys have made!

I made this one on my tablet, my first purely digital drawing, Its a sharingan, from Naruto, its an eye… supposedly

One doodle…

And a nidoran I drew maybe a month of two ago. Have lots of drawings but eh xD

Oh for those of you who enjoy Disney movies I drew this some time ago and a friend told me to turn it into Rain from the movie Spirit :3

Although it a bit unorthodox. I consider this an art form.

Not only did I make the entire marker from a single piece of billet aluminum, aka, ‘scratch’. I also did the anodizing as well.

For those of you who don’t know, anodizing is how I got the purple ‘splash’ texture on there. If you want a more detailed definition of anodizing, i’d suggest Wikipedia, least you want to hear me dribble on about how anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts, blah blah blah. Anyways, here you go. Fully functioning, recreationally used masterpiece of its kind…

Oh and yes, that is totally a custom green laser and mount on the gun too.




I can go into more detail if you’d like, but just know that it is a truly one of a kind that was not factory made. I am very proud of it.


Amazing art everyone! ;u; 

I love your art style PRED - so fresh, so clean!

Flygon - ASFHKJHGD your art is SCINTILLATING ;u;

Werpio, I recognized it right away! x> Good eye lighting ‘7’

That gun is epic, AoSpades :0 Gosh, and a green laser? Perfect. 

I’ve always wanted critique on this one (which actually seems to be my best dragon drawing):



I’m actually really proud of the shading here, but the shape… err… not really accurate. You can see the right wing looks “longer” than the left - I drew it as if they were on the same plane. And the head looks flat. Yeah. ^^;

Anything else you can catch is very much appreciated. ^^

Keep up the awesome work, guys!

Oh my…god… Reset…that is amazing…no joke…  The detail you have with the scales, the shading, everything is astonishing!  The shape is off? It’s a Dragon…let your creative side go and create whatever you want.

Awwwh, thanks PRED :slight_smile: Though I’m noticing one of the wing joints there. It looks like it’s diminishing into nothing… ^^;

Still, it turned out pretty good (I like to think xD). I’d post more art but I haven’t done anything decent lately. vv 

I can post my entire build if anyone wants to see the process. Got A LOT of pictures, just didn’t want people to be like, OMG TL;DR!

Woah, sure! Why not?

If you’re concerned about the size, just put them in

[spoiler]one million pictures[/spoiler]

Yup don’t worry to much about length of posts on this topic. :slight_smile:  

All made out of raw stock

Custom valve hammer velocity adjuster design.

Made out of two pieces of stock that are held together by one screw and one setscrew to hold it straight.

The valve is custom. No there is no jam nut. The screw holding the two tubes together is is the same screw holding the valve in. and yes there is an o-ring between the two tubes were the air hole has been drilled.

DM4 detent in the bottom of the tube (finger detent)

4 1/4 guide rods as a 1/2 inch or 3/8 inch main guide rod. All riding on o-rings to create a replaceable wear surface that should last forever and it makes the pump stroke just about as smooth as can be.

Sled is sunk into the body the sear sticks through the bottom tube instead of just going up in the slot. These combined makes the body 1/4" shorter than a conventional cocker.

The hammer is about the same size little diff design, but same size.

The valve is significantly bigger and longer (higher volume) than a cocker valve. Higher volume air chamber, while still keeping the gun shorter than a mini cocker.


















well it won’t let me load the rest…

Wouldn’t let you load the rest? Chicken fluffbucket. <_<

Good photography too, by the way. REALLY impressive you made it from scratch (uh… sort of. You know what I mean). How long did it take?

[spoiler] IMG_0967.jpg












Here’s some videos too:


It took me around 6ish months. Back when I actually had some downtime to actually do stuff like this.

Six months? Woah, haha.

Thanks for the pictures and links Ao!

It makes a satisfying sound :stuck_out_tongue:


… Got bored. And yeah. Excuse my scribbles near its face. =_____=

  1. its face

  2. its feet

  3. its tail

  4. its wings

  5. its everything

  6. woah bro



I also can’t really draw too well…

Case in point; got bored sitting on the ship one day since I couldn’t leave.


So it has a Xenomorph tail, and is from RWBY… 10/10

I drew something today as well. It’s a bit darker, probably a reflection of my mood since I was really wanting to hurt someone :slight_smile:



this was for my world of warcraft now-defunct guild page (we went our separate ways, but the artwork remains!), to celebrate our downing of Elegon (tough fight!) …you might recognize the line “systems online” haha

hm what else have i got in here… oh wow. haven’t thought about this in a long time. makes me kind of nostalgic.

this one was a going-away gift and the celebration of the career of a player who left our ranks for real-world challenges. i believe he got a job. such is life.