Old Art Topic

Decided to make this topic at the suggestion to put up my old ‘art’ thread that I made during my time playing Geomon. Obviously it’s not relevant to this game haha but I’m still willing to make forum signatures for anyone who’s interested


Shadow Leader

Wind Leader


Zwingo Battle Music

Mozzy Battle Music

Lix Battle Music

Roc/Cetus Battle Music

Physical Leader

Water Leader

Fire Leader Remastered

Mind Leader Remastered

Plant Leader V2

Ice Leader V2

Aquamon ?? Battle

NOTE: These are just sections of songs, when I do stitch them together there may be a high degree of change

WARNING: Volume of the following samples may be very loud. I suggest you turn your device volume to a low setting before listening and adjust as necessary

Mod Theme ‘Section’ 1 (intro)

Mod Theme ‘Section’ 3

Mod Theme ‘Section’ 4









Modern Libra WIP

Modern Libra WIP digitalised with basic colouring

All art shown here was made,edited and/or remixed by Slycrg (me), do not claim as your own.

So, as a Transformers fan (just like I have done for Hunter Island) I have made some fan art, because why not.  Anyway here is some of my older stuff I have made. However Slycrg, I don’t make awesome music.  By the way dude you’ve made some really good stuff!

Decepticon Victory


Jungle Huntjungle_hunt_by_derpleader-d68wqxl.jpg

Just wow :open_mouth:

Thanks, although I personally don’t believe my music projects are that great, have to hate my own work haha

Very nice work, ill have to go looking for your other art

Woah, that’s amazing, PREDleader! Magnificent job!

I think your remixes are awesome, Sly! I remember listening to them for the first time and just going “wow!” because it was so neat. :slight_smile: Keep up the great work, y’all!

Reset/Kookaburra you’re too biased on my art lol stop loving it

Thanks for the kind words guys!  And Slycrg your work is awesome, don’t second guess yourself!

Well I didn’t want to go and make a new topic that is about art that isn’t related to Hunter Island so I guess I’ma put this picture of a dragon here. ^^  Okay so recently I started learning Zbrush which is a 3D sculpting and modeling program.  So what is the first thing I make?  A dragon…duh.  Anyway this is a work in progress still need to work on the neck, add some texture and more details.  If you have any critiques let me know!!!

None! It looks AWESOME!

It’s awesome great job.

Hijacking my art thread XD

Looks amazing, I’m too lazy to learn how to use Photoshops 3D features so I give you points for that haha

I’m Sorry, here is a cookie for your inconvenience!  Well this is zbrush not photoshop.  Also I tried to save this file and my computer crashed…so yay I have to redo it!


remember that one time when we proved that your little sister drew better than me…

I don’t think I’m gonna visit this thread again… D:


Your music is awesome sly!

And your art is awesome too pred!

My little sister draws better humans than me so that’s not something to be downed with.

And I’m pretty sure Sly meant this to be a thread for only his old works, not everyone’s. Thus hijacking ^^;