PRED's Banner Shop!

First of all if you want an awesome avatar check out Zoroark’s Avatar Shop  for an awesome avatar!

If you guys want a custom banner such as 


Let me know. :3


  1. Drybones

  2. Doom

  3. Alpha

  4. Jeannette


  1. Zedy67

  2. Kitty

Thanks again :3

I also take requests for art, so if you guys ever need anything, just ask.

Thank you so much Pred that’s amazing I really appreciate it.

Thanks for linking my thread! I’ll do the same :slight_smile:

What software do you guys use to make your banners and avatars?

I use Photoshop.

Ok thanks.

For avatars I use many, many different apps.

I use Paint which is why most of the avatars I make look lame

Anyway, very nice job PRED. I don’t know why I neglected to comment on your thread earlier. ^^

Well, once the game is out I want a banner that shows my name and the most limited edition monsters in Hunter Island.

Kinda like the banner what I have now with a cool background my name and under my name. the quote : ‘The Collecter’

I hope this is possible. And already thankyou in advance.

Alright man, can do! :slight_smile:

Hi,i need a banner with 5 espers from geomon i really like.Ill post links,
But their names are Mozzy (the fox) Cetus (the sea monster)
Duneyr (the deer) Thrakos (the dragon) and roc (the bird)±+Classic.jpg±+Classic+Thrakos.jpg

Plz have fire in the backround,with my name on the banner in blue

Alight guys, here is the order of banners I’m making for people

  1. Drybones

  2. Doom

  3. Alpha

  4. Jeannette


So if you want me to make you a banner either post on this topic or send me a PM of what you want on it!  

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Could you make me one with a bulbasaur style like this and say zedy67 the poke lover✨

Pred can you make me one?

I would like hydrowyrm in it and it would say Hunter island
And shen seeing your work you do santa hats so could you make me a christmas themed glazio?

Shen_w00 you should make your own shop and call it shen w00s photo shop 

I can make it just to let you know I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to make any for awhile.  I plan on finishing up some today but yeah I’ll add you guys to the list.

What do you ise to make the banners


Hot dog?

Idk i was on chat room now im in this XD my ipod glitched