do i need permission to make arkadion icons for this forum?

my friend asked me to make an avatar icon and i’m not sure if i’m allowed to do that. i won’t be using in-game imagery anywhere besides here and i won’t borrow copyrighted material for anything else.

i’m using spooky for my icon right now because, obviously, it’s the best (ha!) but if i change my mind, i just wanted to make sure i’m allowed to do that.

with permission, i’ll be uploading hunter island forum avatar icons here, on my new blog, for people to look at (i have a couple of unused ones there for now, but i’m not sure how they fit on the profile page yet):

any other icons people might like to request or look at? i love the artwork, myself.

The artists are listed on the credits page but I believe the monster art belongs to
if you wish to get in contact with them and ask permission ^^

We don’t expect you to know the individual artist who made a specific monster, if you just give credit to the Hunter Island Developers that’s fine.  Also man share as much Hunter Island stuff as you can!  Get the word out some more!!!

roger that!

and that! thanks!

if anyone wants, i added a handful of new icons to my blog:

some of them are looking pretty cool! i’m using one as my forum avatar.