f2p and f2w solutions

his comments that many times become more emotional than rational but now I understand him better and share some of his points of view (as another one does not) but I like to get to know people well before judging

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I think it is important to ask someone why they do something before criticizing for it or not

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I am happy you are opening up towards me, as I told many times I don’t hold grudge towards anyone even if they attack me because I understand how they feel.
I try to understand everybody’s point of view, and I get people are afraid that my opinions can influence devs decisions but I can reassure you that is very far from the truth.

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I’m glad to know

It’s the players decision to whether or not pay to get monsters and that’s it really. From what I saw, people end up flaming each other because of differences in how people spend their money.

I agree but that’s not really what we’re talking about (read well)

Ye but he can say whatever he want :roll_eyes:

I mean the topic of the thread that has nothing to do with whether to pay or not and there is no comment related to the topic either (I just want to understand your comment and its relationship with the thread)

In that case , there are already neo monsters groups in line and discord . Almost everyone here are in those groups.

PS : Do u know a player named 3instein?

I love how passive-aggressive this comment is.


Lo conozco y me llevo bien con él, como tenía una opinión equivocada de dont89 porque a veces comenta de cierta manera, tal vez lo tengas de él, te invito a conocerlo con calma y escuchar sus razones para que no tomen un juicio premeditado y luego puedan juzgar con más argumentos, (siempre es mejor tratar de entender a la gente para resolver conflictos de una manera pacífica y respetuosa) habiendo dicho esto, aclaró que este comentario no es una crítica ni una defensa, es solo una invitación a mirar las cosas desde otros ángulos

KD edit:
[I know him and I get along well with him, as I had a wrong opinion of dont89 because sometimes he comments in a certain way, maybe you have it of him, I invite you to know him calmly and listen to his reasons so that they do not take a premeditated judgment and then can judge with more arguments, (it is always better to try to understand people to resolve conflicts in a peaceful and respectful way) having said this, he clarified that this comment is not a criticism or a defense, it is only an invitation to look at things from other angles]