Some thoughts on the monetary side

So I’ve been doing some pondering as of late, and I’ve come to the conclusion that we as a forum have started to lead this game down the wrong path somewhat.

The most basic want of this community is for the game to not be p2w. The way this has been achieved thus far is by having the events require the investment of time rather than money it seems.

Here’s the thing though. The standard model of a mobile game is that money = time. You either invest the time or you invest the money. The last few events have only required the investment of time, and as with anything that you’re forced to spend lots of time on it gets repetitive and somewhat dull after a certain amount. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the draft and the survival challenge, but after playing them 100 times you want to do something else. The inability to invest money instead I feel comes from us pushing the game away from the p2w aspect.

So here’s my suggestion. Perhaps some of the best events are the ones where you could skip large amounts of floors in order to reach your skill limit rather than your interest / time limit. I feel like this should be applied to all events. Forgoing the monetary side means you need to keep the player’s interest in the event, and this would perhaps do it. Furthermore it doesn’t lead back down the path of paying to do better in the events, which while probably profitable was infuriating for many.

I know, I’m a scrub that knows next to nothing about game development, but consider this the view from an invested, long term player. Take it how you will.

I think investing ( a lot ) of time in an event is not bad at all if the event is fun. I have to admit that the new draft event is fun as heaven. I would invest the time every week to play this event. its fun to build a team compromising of sets of monsters and try to reach as high as possible.

ultimate challenge and the survival of the fittest and dungeon floor however is pushing it to the limit… not because it’s the event becoming dull due to playing it a lot but because the event is dull to begin with. The counts lector’s event and the drafting event are the two most enjoyable ones cause of their variety. they are not able to make all events like that which is understandable.

P2W is not to compete in events… the P2W factor has been ten-folded now that rare gems are up for grabs with Hard cash you can basically buy high chances of legendaries with it. the spending 50 gems in one turn also has increased legendary odds (you can tell me it doesnt but trust me it does ). this is understandable from a DEV point of view…

they’ve been giving so much for free, they listen to their players - they upped the chance to 40%!! If only temporarily this is still a very high chance. Moreover rare gems are obtainable for free players as well.

even more so rare gems are obtainable in an event that is equal for all players - those players that say they can’t win on island are people that know little of strategy. trust me if you can’t win there that means you need to up your game.

they gave a free legendary as the new login reward even. honestly anyone that is still complaining needs to get back to reality and understand that people need to make money of this game or it will seize to exist.

That is why they had to do something that would give people a higher incentive to spend. I cannot say that the method they used is what I would have liked to see. but it’s still understandable nonetheless.

i like the draft event also but i feel like my hard work to get all thoose monsters i have as a f2p is lost but the idea behind it is still good and all are equal would be cool if there was something like that but with your monsters where you can only use leg in late fights or something

survival of the fittest is fun for me because you can play all day, so every time you sit in the train or bus or something else you can play 1 or 2 rounds and this is good bacause it let you have fun all day, when there was all other events from one point on you just start the event win in 10 min and that was it for the day so this play the hole day long keep it playable

and i dont see why all say its pay to win, i feel its more play a long time and get good, i can get in pvp and ultimate challange rank 100 too it always depands how long you plaing it, im playing now 6 months and i feel like im decend even without this hole team tactics thing i just do my own team how i feel and they work and this is more fun

as a last word: Great work from the devs!

Yeah, i think we should not forget that the dev guys are doing this for a living, so they need to get money out of this game. Keeping this in mind, they really try to make a fair game, giving out free gems quite frequently, a free legendary and right now with the island, everybody can achieve the 5 rare gems and hatch a rare egg with a 40 % of recieving a legendary.

For some reason people just start feeling entitled and when they don’t get what they want then they start getting mad. The free legendary was amazing and the devs gave the players exactly what they want. Then they complain that they can’t evolve it as soon as they get it and get annoyed at the devs again. The devs notice that people hate the egg rolling system chances because they are so low. The devs make a hard to get gold egg that has a 20% chance to get a legendary. The players complain because of dupes. So the devs make it 40% for a limited time. The players complain less and get mad when the random number generator isn’t in there favor. Nobody notes when other people get a legend. They complain when they don’t.

everybody wants a legend but nobody wants to put the work in.
like having your cake and eating it too

They even let you do that with the new legend.

Not everybody.
Lucky factor involved.
This game is purely gambling factor to advance.
Look at there some ppl give a good feedback with the update,
And some people there the opposite.

This game is about legend, epic and dupe

There is some luck, but you can still make it to 300 if you pick the right monsters. If it was completely gambling then you would get people who couldn’t get past 20 because of bad monsters.

This game is no p2w (mostly), it is more of strategy, i have won against teams with 4 legends or more in pvp with no problem, even if i only had 1 legend at the time.

So for all the f2p players out there, STOP BITC*ING AND MAKE A GOOD STRATEGY.
This game is no about who has better monsters, is about who has the best strategy.

PS: good job devs!!!

I love this game. It’s my favorite app. The devs have done a good job! There’s always some bugs is my only complaint. Besides that this game is awesome

Could you please say something positive, at least once maybe :smiley:

Yes, one positive thing please? :slight_smile:

Except for the fact that there is no way to work for any monster that you want epic or above. You can work for gems to get a chance at hatching eggs which give you a 1/300 chance of getting any of the 300 monsters on the wheel. So really you can either spend money or time and patience to get monsters but there is not any work involved to get monsters.

the work I was referring to was logging in for 15 days straight to get starskies. I’ve seen a lot of people complaining that its gonna take to long to evolve chronox

Yeah I do find that one rather funny. Give us a free legendary. Ok but you will not be able to evolve it right away.

How about if get bad monster like
Cough cough
Or another drramhunt without sleep.
And some of reckless attack

If you get lots of bad monsters and no legends reset your game and go through the story again.

Welll i didn’t got a super epic until i was like 2 weeks into the game and only got 1 legendary (my only one in like 4 months), until yesturday that i got nightrider.

So i would say is a question of time and luck

I liked the old tower tournaments. They were relaxing and didn’t make me stressed like the ultimate challenge.