Enough is enough, you should assume some form of responsibility!

Here we are passing the limit by far!

I have enough of this excuse of people being “unlucky” when is always same people getting unlucky!

Last victim was @SHIKAOTOKO, he got 1460 gems from shrine (almost the minimum), and had an horrid hatch!

This happened to me so many times! I can’t even count them.

@Dev_VKC you keep answering “that was just bad luck”

I keep saying that this is a big robbery against some designated players!

Is freakin ridiculous! It upset me so much your being passive and giving standard answers when that’s not the truth!

We want justice! We want the odds to be respected! We want a fair reward for our spending!

You totally passed the limit. TOTALLY.


we need guarantee mythic and leggy upon specific packs…just like old days


Agreed. This does feel fishy now. There should be guaranteed mythic and legends for fixed set of packs. Otherwise it makes no sense in grinding and getting absolutely nothing.


Agree,at least give us gurantee myth(featured or non featured) each 10 pack for special egg.

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I strongly agree with all opinions. :joy:


I mentioned a theory called big data kills familiarity before

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Look guys, somewhere the grass is always greener.

Each time we roll, we know there’s always the risk of not getting anything. It’s just RNG and there is no justice in RNG, just randomness. I know it’s hard to believe but it just is like that. And if someone starts talking about the odds: Take ALL the hatches of ALL players on a banner and I’m sure they will even out to the probabilities.

Before the shrine I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a proper pity timer in this game. Now I am sure there will never be one. Zigza wants to give us more chances to fuel our urge to spend if we manage to get 2/3 shards of a mythic or are missing one legendary, and to spend to get back up over the 1200 gem limit, but there will be no guarantees. No guarantees for players means a guarantee of profit for the company if the odds aren’t completely too harsh… Which they aren’t in this game.


Yes but why always same people get unlucky?

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Chance? Bad luck?

And I’m sure you are forgetting now every time you got lucky.

Oh please not again.

The person had a ~ 26 % chance to fail to awaken Sakuralisk.

If you do the math before the hatch it’s much easier to judge the risk VS reward.

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My paid gems harvest is less than my free gems.

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Exactly. I second this. I got 2 non-featured monsters of odds .05 percent monsters of common legendary pool rather than getting featured monsters in 6 packs. I think there is something odd when we open continuous packs - strange low probabilistic bad luck is happening.

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If you hatch more you will find things you don’t know


Bro i needed 1 copy just one((of petalisk)…
And i didn’t get a single in my 6 batch of 10X pulls. Than i saw the other post and i realized my situation isn’t that bad.
Sometimes i feel like in neo, the Monsters choose you instead of you choosing the monsters, I am always torn by the fact that would the result of my hatches would be lot different if i choose a different banner at that time of the month.

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I’ve done a lot of hatching in the past 4 years, thank you :wink:

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How many collections do you have?


Although I assume that it isn’t what you wanted to ask? What do you mean by collection?

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Like what? 20% of the time?

I have been playing for three years and I have exactly seven pages of collection.

26% doesn’t look so high as a percentage, don’t you think? And what’s the chance of getting x1.21 on shrine temple?

What’s the percentage of you combine both events?