Emeraldeus buff thread!

This monster has been around for a long time, he was used a lot in the past, but meta has changed a lot since then and it’s too hard to find a good place for him in any team. He needs a buff!
I’d increase his speed to more than 53% OR change his second passive skill, defensive mode is kinda useless in most of cases. What are your suggestions?


why not both?
34 speed is slow in pve and pvp so that should be fixed also she doesn’t benefit from defensive mode at all. She has camo and that protect her more than enough.
(also she is a bird and birds are normally fast so How is she a slow one?)


Speed buff is not necessary(cus retribution). But passive defensive mode can do with a little change.


Yeah I love the monster
Awesome design
Agree with the speed buff
Instead of defensive mood she could use Harden Carapace
It got counter strike recently but the low speed is still holding it back a lot
As for the defensive mood buff
Other than Floco entrance nothing ■■■■■■■ triggers it
It’s true that she becomes tanky after that but u can easily take it down before it happens
I’m running a half earth link team and testing her atm :slight_smile:


53 speed isn’t that High!?

i Guarantee u she will die before she gets a turn in pvp and maybe in pve.

I think it does is necessary, precisely because actual meta is too fast. Your opponent can easily kill her if you’re running her in FL before she gets a turn. Jaguardian and ziberius are examples of faster double retribution monsters and are well balanced. Link is restriction enough.
Just think about it, right now everything is too fast or has a raw skill.m, that’s why the suggestion.
Although 53 % speed is pretty reasonable, not fast at all

53% speed sounds horrible. With camouflage and 100TU link double retribution that one-shots two things Emeraldeus would be very strong.

It’s received a few buffs (three in literally the latest update) and has no problems getting kills. It does have minimum defence but it’s got two defensive passives. Altogether I think it’s great for any link earth team in PvP with sleep synergy in PvE.



So, you think she could get a turn? We are talking about one of the slowest monsters in the game, with low defense, that can be easily one shut

Also, padrinorca is camo with 73 speed and 50 TU move set🤷🏻‍♂️.
Even if increasing the speed is not the solution, emeraldeus needing a buff is a fact imo. You say she is ok but I haven’t seen people running her not even in top 100


Bruh it requires link
And u can easily take it down!


What i think is that Accelerate should be reduced to 50 TU instead of 70 it’s too much imo


Not everything should be compared to Padrinorca.

I want link payoffs to be strong but giving speed buffs to camouflage monsters that can often one-shot two enemies on their first turn doesn’t seem like the best solution. We’re also talking about a monster that received three buffs in an update only a few weeks ago!

Years ago Emeraldeus was a monster everyone happily accepted was PvE only. It’s had a bunch of buffs since then which give it a chance in PvP. It doesn’t need to be a top PvP monster.

A better comparison would be Ashterios. That’s another slow link monster. It’s been turned into a sleep counter while Emeraldeus is an upgraded sweeper that is awkward to kill if you don’t have the right moves. Neither is OP but both look good for link teams.


I always thought emeraldeus was more of a pve monster than pvp. His death sentence comes in pretty handy then


Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. for Pvp, lets compare it to this meta. u think 53 speed is horrible? Sui, jag, delugazer are all 3 guys to take it down. U can run ap spam to protect her so she can be alive? Sike, Raw and orca exist. There is no way she will get a turn In PvP
In Pve: She is strong ngl but still has a speed issue.

Giving it Bond: Defence Boost (100% DEF boost) instead of Defensive Mode would be a most significant buff. Maybe make the passive activate if the majority of allies are Earth (so it aligns with its LINK Secret Skill)


For me emeraldus doesn’t need buff.
I know he is not good ,and not bad if we can compare another old monster.

he still usable in PVE and for pvp he is very usable in link earth ,have big deff if we can combo with painfull curse . But I think Deathmark -> double deathmark is good idea

if you want buff .why we not buff last biter or tridakhan(normal),they are very very forgotten monster.


I also agree he is leagues above some monsters like Tridrakhan, the Last Biters and Apollodragon/Taloknight. I think Emeraldeus does deserve a buff but other monsters should be prioritized


Yeah but Emeraldeus is limited ._.

I agree with this. Emeraldeus isn’t supposed to be any faster. It doesn’t fit the design of the monster and if potted to +9, its speed is in the forties which is pretty strong for something that can 1 shot even two fire monsters with its SS on its first turn!

I get the Padrinorca comparison but we don’t need many other powercrept sweepers that 1 shot everything here and there. Emeraldeus historically has been a monster that has high survivability (he used to have shield self) used in sleep lock/UC strategies and it’s meant to be slow… I’ve made teams around it and it’s pretty much always guaranteed a payoff when it gets a turn in PvE.

It suffers greatly from the true hit and RAW buffs and rather than tweaking Emeraldeus I think these RAW moves that target anything should be nerfed rather than Emeraldeus buffed. If every monster becomes like Padrinorca the game won’t be fun anymore.

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