Okay guys, lets Talk about emeraldeus, he is a beast at pve… Devs tried to bring him to pvp with his ss… But to be honest, he sucks… I have him at +7, he is still very slowly, has to wait till a Monster dies to use his SS, on Top of that his ss requires link… Damage is great…

His second passive (defense up) is as useless as a sandpit in a desert… Idk who had the idea for this passive, but the inventer should Get a medal for the most useless passive ever…

To Make emeraldeus playable in pvp he needs a speed boost, why Not Change his ss to dual slayerbane like magmar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: or maybe single Instant Slayerbane :man_shrugging:

What re ur thoughts ?


Git good. Emeraldeus is a beast in pvp


He didnt need a 2nd passive and got 1 anyway. Even that its a bad passive, it doesnt hurt him, so no need to buff it.

Abiut “waiting for a teamate to die” thing, surly youve seen how good retrubition teams are. Use it wisely then, no need to wait.

About speed - alot of monsters are slow. Not everything need to be fast.


He’s PvP viable. I run it with Stag and Geo.

I’ll admit he is slow tho. And in this meta slow monsters cant be on the front line, where you typically use retribution.

But no he doesn’t need a change.

And yes in a 1 shot meta the defense up passive is the dumbest thing ever. Devs wasted their time coding that.


I agree, that defensive mode is the most useless passive at the moment. In Evertale they made it work better: Kirin has damage reduction when he has over 75% hp, and has a “confident strike” type of move. Then if there is another monster of same element, it gains a substantial amount of hp (about 1/4 of his health bar) each time he gets a turn due to a passive called “regeneration”. He even has survivor and usually does survive due to his sturdy design. I think defensive mode could be changed to a similar design.


Its a beast once it has one kill. But to get one kill is Not as easy as with angelion or baublebasher


My Emeraldeus says hi :sleepy::sleeping:


You talking about Magmar @Moking ?


Only as example :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Earth has a lot of protectors, so having a sweeper with camouflage is perfect. If a teammate hasn’t died by the time it gets a turn then accelerate and one probably will have by then. 70TU double kill followed by bloodfury from then on.

Deathmark is the only thing that doesn’t translate well into PvP but sometimes it comes up and if you have Emeraldeus in the front line it can counter OoO reasonably well.


Double retribution has like 70 tu, kills pretty much everything so it’s guaranteed to charge bloodfury. I’ve been using it endgame and it was a lot better than expected, if you can’t use ret then you can accelerate which pressures the enemy even more because it’ll become even faster sweeper! The slow speed also gives a lot of room for the enemy to kill ally before it gets turn so it’s quite strong atm (imo) been using it with sloth so it’s very often it gets to do double retribution as sloth dies before emerald


Instead of defensive mode, what about roaring entrance?

Hear me out on this. That way emeraldeus can get a Deathmark as soon as he enters, making him more of a PvP threat

Also, as far as character designs, you’d think a monster modeled after a Phoenix would have roaring entrance or something

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I don’t like roaring entrance + retribution. Most of the time you can’t, but sometimes it gives a roaring entrance double kill. Seems a bit harsh for the opponent. Also, deathmark probably wouldn’t be a good idea as a first move when it enters. People will most likely either double retribution (if it’s charged) or accelerate and pass time until a teammate dies. Deathmark simply isn’t good for PvP in most scenarios.

What I’d prefer is “deathmark entrance”. That does pretty much what you were asking for and allows it to still get a turn in a reasonable time.


As the only person who sometimes uses ogremaster in PvP, you cant use retribution with him when he first enters the field with roaring entrance @Killerdog :wink:

On a side note, slayerbane instead of retribution would be a nice little buff for ogremaster @Dev_VKC


If Ogremaster is next in line and your opponent kills two monsters of yours at once doesn’t it come in with retribution charged like Ziberius and other retribution monsters?


Nope @Killerdog

Poison tick too, if you have one monster die and the other one is brought to hg, you have to skip to use retribution in that case


Too Bad that i dont have sloth, tried stag + goldoid… Worked okayish… But idk, somehow every enemy has cent at endgame, like this my Earth endgame is fuxked up… And somehow i meet a Lot of dumb lineups with delu at endgame as soon as i play earth endgame :skull::skull::skull:


I just tested because I was sure it works like that and it does. This screenshot doesn’t 100% prove it but I can tell you the Taloknight just did a 200TU gigadusk and killed 3 monsters so as Ogremaster entered you can see it has retribution charged.


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