Did egg prizes make you quit the game too

So i’d say that the past 20 eggs ive gotten have ALL been fed to my other guys i havent gotten a single creature i didn’t already have. So I’m renaming this game disappointment island ,about half of these eggs were gold mission eggs, so with a 100% suck rate on those i don’t see any point in playing this game anymore. And I’m only at about 60% creature collection, so yes, that;'s [mod edit - no swearing] up devs…

Ou dont exactly NEED those gold eggs. The only good eggs I have gotten is a Gigaceros and a Hammertooth out of the 30 I bought with gold. So no need to quit. Im actually doing better without eggs, Im on my way to a Omegawrym and a Dreadwolf. Keep playing and just have fun

First off, I am going to warn you to not swear on the forum. Don’t let it happen again.

Secondly, I’m sorry you feel that way but gold eggs are not the be-all-and-end-all. Most monsters available in the Gold eggs are available to catch in the wild with the exception of a select few monsters achieved through online missions and PvP prizes. I apologize that you find this a large enough problem for you to disregard everything else good about this game such as the story line, the experience of catching and training your arkadions, the PvP aspect and online missions.

You’re quitting the game because you tried to get all the monsters the easy way without putting the effort in and failed to? Here’s a suggestion: forget about the eggs. All monsters are or will be available without them.

well after getting 6 turn in a row spam cheated by a boss over and over . i spent 3 hours getting  a D rank pearex and D rank trex(so excited?) i found the online button in the corner saw that i could win a ton of eggs… #biggest mistake ever, even people who play slots in real life know if your sitting at a machine and you miss 20 times in a row its time to walk away, my other machine is an xbox which i can spend all day hating on this game to other people

The point of the eggs is to time them appropriately to get what you want. I know it’s not extremely easy, but it certainly can be done if you really care about eggs. I, personally, don’t care about eggs. I would rather get all of the monsters legitimately.

I’ve had horrible luck with the eggs too, but I don’t feel that’s any reason to hate the game.

To each his/her own.

I understand it’s frustrating. It frustrates me too. The best thing I got in a long time was probably Frostkit, and I already had one. Sort of vexed me to get something I already had, especially if it was so rare. But don’t hate the entire game because of just that. There are plenty of other things to like.

But I agree, it’s not necessary to buy eggs to complete the game. In fact, I used to, but I got junk so I switched over and started to save gold for gold cards, when I have to catch something but I don’t want to take the risk. To me, this is 1) more fun 2) more challenging and 3) more productive than buying gold eggs over and over again. 

If you still like gold eggs, check out this topic: http://www.hunterislandforum.com/index.php/topic/281-winning-at-the-egg-spin/

I’m only suggesting you forget about gold eggs because it will probably make the game more enjoyable. Clearly, eggs aren’t making you like the game very much. 

Yeah I learned the hard way now I’m gonna save my gold for capturing monsters.

Also all the monsters will be available outside of eggs one day till then I suggest to just capture the guys in the wild like the dragon hatchlings.

i guess your right i will save gold for wild catches but i havent spent  a penny of my gold except on a wild S rank fireheart cub so thats good it was extremely frustrating fightng through all those floors of crazy angelic creatures and not getting a single thing. but my ipod is dead so i guess not having the game at all pisses me off more so i wont quit thanks everyone

You, my friend, have been hit by something called bad luck.

Think. What makes this game great? Is it the lengthy storyline? Maybe. The epic overworld? Sure. The amazing battles? Perhaps.

Is it the gold eggs? Heck no.

You shouldn’t really care about THAT. Just get as much good monsters as you can. As stated in previous posts, nearly everything avialable in a gold egg can be obtained in other ways. Gold eggs simply is a quick and fast way to get the monsters you want, and even then you’re not guaranteed to get the monster you want. When I get an egg, I see the “best monsters” beside the wheel. There’s a LOT of stuff I like! Ooh, that one’s rare! What about that one? He’s really powerful! I sometimes end up getting something equally good, and sometimes something terribly bad. But you should know the risk.

Trust me. I know how you feel too. In fact, I may have been in a worst situation than you. The best thing I’ve got in 20+ gold eggs is nothing more than a snowstag. It’s very frustrating to see those eggs go in vain. And hearing others success story on eggs ( a lot ), is really a pain. But, eggs aren’t everything tho, prove to them you can still live without having OP arks from eggs that could just let a lucky player breeze thru the game. Just proudly tell them, you don’t need help from eggs and live with it. A rant or two is pretty normal, live with the frustration and get used to it. That’s all.

On a sidenote : Sigh, that means egg exclusive arks are so out of my story…

Don’t worry, Honour, in the future there will be no such thing as “egg exclusive” Arkadions. :slight_smile:

To a certain extent I agree with the TC. In all of my posts and replies on the Facebook page was positive. Personally, I still can’t believe this game is only a buck. The most glaring issue I had with DI: Blue however was the slot machine.

I can definitely relate to you TC. You’re not alone at getting screwed by the wheel of torment. And before anyone tries to flame me for this reply please understand, I’m not quitting the game and I will be contributing the company by buying gold and other micro transactions the game offers. Perhaps later, maybe after the game has been out for awhile an egg can be released where the wheel only contains monsters that we don’t own? I’m a completionist, and forcing me to use the wheel to “catch them all” will drive me away.

You HAVE to keep in mind that this is a high risk high reward thing- do you really think the gold egg spin is purposely flawed? The wheel is NOT used at all to “catch them all.”

As I said before, in the very near future, ALL monsters will be obtainable SOMEHOW without needing a gold egg. You could “catch them all” without spending a dime. It is just like slots in real life. The risk is high, and if you choose to take said risk, you should know that. Now, as for myself, I’ve gotten pretty mild luck. I’ve gotten a hatchling but that’s pretty much it. Also, Tidalwale is pretty nice. The rest are 5.5* and below.

My reply wasn’t meant nor intended as an attack towards you or any in the dev or beta team. The game has only been out less than a week. I get it. It’s a great game. I get it. I paid for it and will be buying gold eventually. But you can’t tell me it’s not frustrating after doing a mission and getting a gold egg only to come up on an E class bosshorn.

Perhaps the title of this thread should be changed to vent about the wheel thread because really, it’s an amazing game.

No one is attacking anyone here, this is a legitimate discussion.

It is indeed frustrating. But every time you spin, you have to realize that there is a pretty large chance for the result to be frustrating. You come out either frustrated or happy. The game is great, and the gold egg spin doesn’t make it any worse at all.

 and forcing me to use the wheel to “catch them all” will drive me away.

Here’s where you made the mistake. While this is required at the present moment, it won’t be in the future. So while you may have to wait a bit for some monsters (provided you don’t wish to use eggs or have bad luck with them), you’ll definitely get them in the future without eggs being involved if you stick with us. 

Uhhh all monstr even the hatcling is available in the wild, only some select few like infernowyrm, subzeratops, vegitiger (available through pvp but cost a whacking 560k gold), trying o cath the hatcling in the wild is currently my -only- challanges of perseverance though, some got them in 2 hours, this past 12 hours across 4 days, i only gotten 1 hatcling, and i usually got my ass whopped up in pvp by person who have omegawyrm, but the point is, gold egg shouldn’t be used as main way toget all those rare monster, gold egg is more like “i’ll try the slot once in a while”, just don’t get addicted to it, it will crush you

I do have to agree my egg rewards have been very poor as well. I’m certainly not as bent about it as the op. But I also have been very disappointed with getting nearly nothing but feeders from probably 90% of the eggs I’ve gotten. And the stuff I’ve kept hasn’t been that great either for the most part. I haven’t spent any gold on them, this opinion is based off of the ones received in game play.