7 gold mission eggs

Best ark was a flame rider. No windras or even anything good at all. That’s all my gold gone down the drain.

Hey! What do you think that Flame rider feels, Hu? Just treating it like dirt… Poor poor guy

Nah jk what my point is though is that eggs are gambling and when you gamble your most likely gonna lose so dont be angry that you took a chance and lost because it was a CHANCE

I realize that. But I do think there should be a min star level for the arks in gold eggs. I would e more upset if I had used real money to buy gold, but the devs were nice enough to give us some for free and I appreciate that. It turns out I finished the OM fat enough to get a triphoon so I did get what I was looking for. It would be nice to have two and get rid of these windras though

Gold eggs now are not too good to get high star arks if you stop randomly, after the update, it sounds like (this is not 100% confirmed) the arks available are going to be better ones because there’s no way to time it anymore.

You can get more gold eggs from bosses in ID & exchanging your diamonds.

The arks in the egg now are either all 6* above, fusion material, arks that evo into 6 star above arks.

Gold eggs are really a gamble :stuck_out_tongue: The best i got out 75 euros of Itunes card was an S rank Yetigo and  NO  egg exclusive…

S rank Yetigo? So you can have multiple bonus actions to kill your own team even faster~ :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay best ark ever??

Aww yeah i would give you my S plasmorex for that yetigo because they are amazing! They help you lose pvp faster and get the diamonds you recieve from defeat so they help you get kami! So amazing

Dude I’m so jelly right now… Imagine the possibilities in PVP :ph34r: