Gold eggs are frustrating

Every time I get one it’s always a crap fighter that is easily found :/. It’s really the only thing I’m a little disappointed in about the game. It’s hard to get good and I hoped it would pay off a little better

Well if it were super easy, everyone would have very strong monsters at the beginning if the game. I am in favor if making it harder. That way if someone goes and drops $100 on the game, they still have to work to get the best of the best, and not have everything handed to them.

That defies the while purpose of having iap, but I’m saying from all the gold I’ve gotten from the story and arena all I get are commons.

Not everything can be handed to you on a silver platter. Be happy that this game gives you so much free gold when it could have easily forced you to buy it, like a lot of other iOS games. It’s difficult partially for that reason, heaps of free chances.

I never said I wanted things handed to me lol, can you people not read? I said it’s frustrating seeing the same commons over and over again. Just a little disappointed that getting the gold eggs isn’t really rewarding

I can read, and I never interpreted it as you wanting things handed to you. The silver platter metaphor was in relation to the difficulty. If it was easier than it is now then PvP would be overrun with valuable golden egg Arkadion.

There’s a necessity for balance in a game such as this. Even though I personally find some of its other ‘challenges’ unnecessary, I agree with the difficulty of the spin. There’s no fun if something ‘cool or powerful’ isnt hard to acquire

Eggs are frustrating? You probably have never heard of my great rotten egg luck rants :slight_smile:

Eggs are meant to be timed. The idea is that you’re supposed to try to maximize your chances of getting what you want, not just randomly stop it (admittedly, like I do…). But in my case I simply don’t care much about eggs. If you do, read some posts here on the forums about timing the eggs and try to get better at it.