Gold egg no chance

Hello everyone

So i been trying to farm some good and rares and i actully Got pretty lucky in The gold eggs at first.
I Got The feber park 5000gold twice so my gold Said 10k but then i tried to get some good monsters With no luck at all. Really i been using 5k gold without a single fucking rare creature.
The only Thing i Got was a megalorex and some stupid stun arks, and more useless crap.

if i had used my Own money ón this game, i would be very mad, and surdently not be playing this game again even if it is as awesome game as this.

My point is do something about The gold eggs or The Way to use gold, because if can pay 600dkkr and still keep losing then i would kill somebody not because of the price but i feel cheated by the producer of the game, that they tale my money without even giving mé something in return, i know that its not possible to get The ultimativ all The time but atleast some catch able With a good grade.
I belive if its keep going ón like this many people would find something Else to play i see many apps that gives you great prices for low cash.

I hope people read this and might understand what im trying to say…
I wrote on iPad so it looks terrible.

Anyway Thanks Reading

Hey there,

The game will eventually have all creatures available through some means in the future. Gold eggs and online missions are a way to try (read as gamble) for an advantage in PvP. you can get quite a good bit of solid ARK’s by playing the game as a no gold purchase kind of guy and do well and experience everything the game has to offer. The gold eggs are tricky and are not supposed to be a garanteed way to get the best ARKs in the game but a supplemental way to try and get ahead, or in some cases spend some money to support the developer so they can keep pushing out more content and fun games.

Many people play and experience exactly what you have, just keep your head up and hunt down those rarer ARKs(we do have guides posted with locations and tips on how to find them quicker) to better your team and I’m sure you’ll find you don’t need to spend money on the game to do well. Sometimes that gamble does pay off though, and thats why people do it. For the chance to get better quickly and not necessarily for the garantee.

Hope this helps, at least a little.

Hello yonfire

Thanks for The reply

I done The game once and Got all The arks possible thais Why i made a new today and was really lucky.
I just thought that gold made a Big difference to The game but when i Think about it, it dosnt it only helps my pvp odds.

It might just be me but if Think about it then gold is useless if you dont want to be good in pvp you Can get atleast 100 floors Down in infinite dungeon…

Hope that there is Coming a Big Update soon With a few bug fixes.

There is an update coming up that fixes most bugs and other stuff. 

As for the spin, Most of the things in there can be caught in the game itself. The spin is mainly there as a chance game. it does not mean you will get lucky every time and get exactly what you hope for. It can get frustrating but keep in mind that you can obtain gold throughout the game for free and only used those up. 

Also please watch the language this site is intended for 9+ audiences now i know it starred out the word but in the future try to remain from using such language and thanks!

If you want to complete the encyclopedia then I think it’s useful because you don’t need to endless hours farming starters and hatchlings, if you can get them from eggs. Also if you miss out on OM you can find those arks in eggs. But yeah, if you don’t care about pvp or encyclopedia and just want to finish the game then it’s useless lol