Decision making help

People ask for team building help all the time, but when I’m in some battles, I actually feel most players have better team building than they do decision making and the decisions need more work.

I thought this would be a fun (and hopefully informative) idea for a thread. Post a screenshot from a game where you had multiple options or perhaps weren’t sure or the best choice is to make and see if the community would have done anything differently.

You’ll need to give some context such as who is charged and who is not. I hope this will help! :lemon:

Also feel free to give screenshots of the front line battle up before the first turn.


Pro-Tip: if you see Aurodragon, leave it alive for the entire match


On which enemy (lemon Or kamishogun) i should have to use stun pulse?? What do think guys?
Note : kamishogun’s Bloodfury is charge already .

Lemon. I don’t think it makes that much of a difference though, since your Ashterios is gonna break Sleep lock anyway.


Yeah. But the question is who seem more problematic in this situation. Well I use it on lemon .

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Ye that’s what everyone told me


Ill say 1 thing. This thread wont rly help but i like the idea. Id say for ytubers to make a playlist of some combos and explaining how they work so everyone can know what to kill first or how to play against them


It would have helped me when I started.

Lemon for sure, because it has the most potential to take control and create more deadweight. One bloodfury is high TU and easy to recover from

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Here’s an example of what not to do. This guy summoned two diamondoids with dolphreeze and he chose to not use cannibalize token on them for some reason. I was able to AP lock him and kill half of his team before he could do anything.

There are two things to learn from this.

  • Don’t be reluctant to remove your own monsters from the field if doing so will put you in a better position.
  • If you are going to summon APs, make sure to deal with monsters that can bypass protectors. It is much better to not summon them at all if you can’t prevent them from being bypassed.

Most of Auto poison legs have true hit for info. And focus mons cant be redirected. Idk about other ways to avoid ap but if someone can add the missing info.

You sure do love flarevern.

I dont understand why he is limited thi😂 other mons that have same skill set but other element are still not limited

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I’d also suggest making sure you make a move only after 5secs have passed, I used to make so many mistakes because of not thinkng enough time to think things through, now I barely make an mistakes.

It’s secret skill is what makes it so valuable.

Well it is gd but triple poison eater as normal skill isnt better😂

No, Triple Poison Eater is 200sec, Swift Double Poison Eater is 100sec. Killing more isn’t always better. Also, Flarevern has Stun Immunity

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Unless I have both stun protection and purify, or about to win the game, I don’t think I’d ever kill 3 at once

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True but having an option to kill 3 at onve gives more opportunity in a shell swarm startegy no?

You’re still better off controlling the game and entrances. Timing skips to bring your mons forward so the incoming monster doesn’t get a turn, or making sure you maintain deadweight. The amount of scenarios where killing 3 at once is a good thing are quite slim.