Dear Devs, what do u have against stun teams?

Ok Devs, I love your game. Thankyou for making such a great game… BUT I feel like stun teams have been rendered everything but useless in recent weeks.

Put simply there is just too many monsters that are stun immune, stun reverse, stun counter ect the list keeps growing. There is no point of having stun as an ability at this point. You might as well remove it from all monsters. Poison and Sleep is dying as well, But it feels like stun is getting destroyed the fastest.

It’s very important that All Metas stay relevant. That is balance.

A simple solution is to have further limitations on team compositions. Very simple. Limit the amount of Stun immune, poison immune and sleep immune monsters allowed in any given team including teams we battle against in Ultimate challenge and other events…

Put limits please. For example no more than 6 monsters on 1 team with the same immunity. This number is just an example but you know what I mean.

Besides that thanks for this game…

If this doesn’t happen it will reach a point where every single monster on a team is freaken immune to everything.

Using stun to win was (still is in some cases) too easy and needed a hit. All these stun counters make the game more challenging which is what we need. If stun is handled freely then the game would’ve been destroyed.

And don’t get me wrong, but stun is very much useful still. You just gotta build around it and not run something stupid like tk tk qk into all shockers and stun bombers

The main defense against stun should be absorbers. That requires actual strategy. I’m not saying to have no stun immune monsters but it’s getting out of control. Same with poison and sleep. I’m concerned what the future holds if no limitations are put in place

How is poison dying? It has never been as powerful. And Maggatsuoh is most likely going to arrive at some point as well.

Poison is the new meta, it’s not dying at all.

Stun teams now require a chrono killer and a protector killer to stay relevant to support the stun. So you just gotta set things up to remove the absorbers and leo/angel. Basically its given cyclozar a massive utility buff.

But Frost Cobra was the moment Stun truly fell to poison. He isnt vulnerable to protector or chrono killer, so you have to have toxic killer.

That’s the thing, i meet loads of tk tk qk (or any other way to get rid of stun absorbers) into stun, and some stun immunes counter exactly that

My main focus is Stun. But the day will come when everything is poison immune:)

Im actually really interested to see next PvP what happens. I think poison will dominate. Sleep and stun just aint gonna cut it I dont think.

Soon the whole team will have an immunity. So that won’t even cut it.

False. I am the meta

Don’t count out sleep till you see my stratus set ups @Boiler :wink:

You running Gyo to takeout Frost?

the reason why stun needs a nerf is because it can easily sway the match in your favor. even now, if given the chance to set up, stun can ensure your defeat. you can recover from almost anything but not stun. it needs a nerf

Sleep entrance is much more powerfull then stun.

Anyway, stun is VERY common, in every team, so it need alot of counters. And even then - you will be able to stun the absorders and etc, and it still damaging the enemy team.

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There are enough stun counters in the game, i would like to see poison meta targeted a bit

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What I don’t understand is why people run combos like shocker and sleepers in a row.

I dont have sleep entrencers so it hard for me to tell, but there are 2 cases i know of:

  1. Owl with blowback, to knockback the absorder and get the shocker in.
  2. Stun the absorder to avoid purify, sleep entrance an other monster, and its 4 vs 2.

Poison revenge dude

Oh i was thinking you ment in the aspect of stun + sleep combo. Yea poison revenge is a big downside on shockers. Never used them on UC because of that

Do you even know the meta? Poison and stun is still the meta. Top players dont even use much stun immunes, just absorbers.