Chance to get the fusion Arcadian discussion.

Hi there

I am a fairly new hunter island player.

And wanted to discus about the chance of getting the fusion monster out of the mission egg’s that we receive during each week.

In my opinion it seems to be really hard to get a single fusion monster it.

In the last weeks destructor mission I was able to get 1 deletroid out of the 15 eggs that I managed to obtain during the mission span.

And this time I got to floor 22 without having obtained a single 1.

It just feels like the chance of gaining 1 is just to low and near impossible to get 5 to complete the recipe.

Now of course It could go better If I would try to time it through different methods on the forums.

But that doesn’t seem to be the point of the egg’s right?

Does anyone else feel like the chance to get 1 is just to low for something that’s only limited available.

I like to collect every single arcadion, a lot of people do but I don’t wan’t to get to a point where I have to wait several weeks of doing nothing cause I would have completed the story/obtained all non egg/mission arcadions.

I would just lose my interest in the game and probably do something else.

Leaving behind the sad feeling of not being able to complete my collection.

This is just my opinion on this and I would like to know how you guys feel about it.

The thing that I would like to see happen is just to have more chance of getting a fusion material arcadion out of a egg.

Like have 3 in a row next to each other or just more of them.

Aside from that can we have a delete option next to the keep option when we receive crap from every single failed egg?

I feel the same Way and actually i feel like they have decreased the number of fusion monsters in the eggs last time i Was able to get 4 this time i Got one at C rank last week i did not even see a C ranked monster ended up having 3’s 1 A and 1 B last week just feels like to Company uses the OM to get Money out of people but that is business i suppose

I only got 1 this week. Last week I got two and in both weeks the wheel stopped on another of the fusion material monsters and then proceed to skip to the next thing on the wheel just so ensure that I didn’t win the prize

I got 5 by the 16th floor, 4 S, 1 A and another S ranked before the 20th floor. Look for clusters of the fusion monster in the wheel and then count the timing by the changes of prize monsters on the right side. Seems like ~1.25 changes before the monster you want is when to hit stop.

It is possible to time eggs, yes.

…but it is much more difficult than last week’s in my opinion. I was able to get two destructors, but I struggled to get only 1 mino this time…and it’s an a rank, even though 3 S, 1 A, and 1 B should make S…

They probably changed the timings on the eggs for the very reason that some of you seem to want: it was too easy.

Honestly, I’m glad they changed it

Keeps things from getting too easy

Enjoy the challenges guys. If it were easy, there would be an equal amount of complaints

The event arcs will eventually be released for everyone ! :slight_smile:

Let’s just hope it doesn’t take too long or indeed some could loose interest in the game… :frowning:

It shouldnt be easy …

Easy is the last thing I’d call the timing of the golden eggs. I’ve given up trying

Even if the event isn’t easy, and nobody wants it to be, the arcs should be released not too long after the event imo.

Because for the players that are collectors you don’t want them to loose interest in the game just because they can’t complete the collection without having to wait several weeks…

I think 4 weeks is about right…

So what timing do you think they should wait before releasing it to the wild ? 

I agree with this in the wild option but all they say is “in the future” so you just know we’ll see them long after we’ve gotten bored with the game.

Yes but that’s an issue because they’ll loose part of the community if it takes too long.

So how long do you think it would be ideal at ?

hmm, I’d agree with your 4 week’s but seeing this “season” thing is 10 week’s i would doubt they’d be released anytime before that amount

Im really missing some Wild grinding, just the Felding you Got from pokemon when farming for that rare pokemon and this game has the chance of becomming greater as they Can ADD new monsters with updates and with this great community they should be able to make some new content

thx for all the comments people.

Just like some mentioned already timing is really hard but it seems to be the best way to atleast make a chance to get the arcadion that you wan’t.

Some people here are talking about releasing them after 4 weeks.

That seems fine but in my opinion would still take quiet some time.

What I personally would like to see is about a 2 week interval like every 2 weeks 1 of the mission arcadions will be able to be found the world rather than online missions.

Or a system that I seem to enjoy would be:

The first week after the weekly mission, people are able to farm monsters like deletroyd and minoflare, so that they are capable of getting 5 of them for fusion.

And after 2 weeks things like destructor can be found for the ones that weren’t able to join the weekly mission and whit that didn’t have the fusion receipt to make them.

what do you guys think about this system that I have in mind?

It would be harder to code, but less abuseable if you could make the game detect OM arkadions.

Perhaps you can make it so you are limited to TWO OM arkadions (of the same species). So only two minoblasts, only two destructors, only two meowzards, etc.

Then we can follow your system. People with no recipe waits another week while the people with the recipe and farm for the little OM arkadions (wizpur, minoflare, deletroids).

BUT this has to have a really low spawn rate. Maybe the little OM arkadions can have a 2% and the regular OM arkadions can have 0.5%… or lower.

I’m suggesting really low spawn rates because these things are ridiculously powerful. 

Only two? But…but…but what if there’s one that I really like? :frowning:

No, I mean duplicates. Two different OM arkadions will just be cruel D:

Remember that if you try to time the eggs the chance of getting what you want is actually lower because it depends on seconds and if you press the button like 0,2 secs too late you will miss your arcadion.
In my opinion it just should be impossible to time eggs (like making it faster so the normal human eye just can’t follow) and the special monsters should come up maybe every 4-5 arcs so there is just a certain chance of maybe 5-10% of getting one.
We can’t force the devs to give out the special monsters like it’s nothing still there should be the possibility that you can get the special monsters with those special eggs. I participated in all 3 online missions and I got only 1 pre evolution arc out of those special mission eggs but that means nothing as we can’t say how many players actually got 5 pre evolutions to fusion it.

Maybe there should be an increased rate of the pre evos in special eggs in group B, then players have a reason to get there and not just wait for weeks with the 10% chance to get the best arc available in 1 season.

That’s another reason to get them released for everyone soon :slight_smile:

And how about have them have a semi-rare type of spawn rate… Like levi or nilos ? That way event people get an S one easy and the other have to farm the S ones without being too much of a disadvantage ?