Got a Destructor


I’ve just completed the weekly mission and get it…
I will post pic later
Edit: here we go


Congratulations, it’s a great Arkadion :slight_smile:

I moved your topic to General Game Discussion, because your post isn’t asking for a location for an Arkadion.


Thanksss… Btw i posted the pic


I didn’t. Just beat it. Oh well.


I got an s rank destructor


I got a recipe ? So how do u get the 5 for it ?


In the eggs throughout the mission.


Can I play through it again to get the eggs ?


You only get them one time. 


Oh cuz I got one so does that mean I can’t get it ?


I have it too

Hes such an awesome monster


I finished it in 30 min and still didn’t get its


Was surprised people got through it that fast


same thing happened to me nylon.  my friend texted me saying he got it literally 1 minute before i finished, and i didnt get one…but its ok, i got enough deletroids to make an A Destructor