Rotation of mission egg monsters?

So, I was just wondering how the rotation system works for these mission egg monsters?  Take Minoflare or Deletroid for instance.  Once the weekly mission changes, will those monsters come back into rotation later, or be in gold or mission eggs or just not at all?

I have three Deletroids for instance.  Obviously, you need 5 to fuse so when is the next chance I’ll get to obtain more Deletroids?  Because if the answer is never, that seems needlessly lame especially since there’s not even a trading system.

Hmm maybe they will be available to catch later in the future…maybe not though
But I heard that they are suggesting a trading system but the devs need to figure out a lot of stuff before it could be implemented…

Ultimately all Arks will be obtainable in some way, and likely they will be Catchable eventually. The OM releases and Egg exclusives currently are for longevity and to be frank so the developers can make some money to be able to afford continuing to make great games. Even if you miss an Ark in an OM, it will either eventually come back around on the OM rotation, or be made available in some other way, details of how they plan to do that are still forthcoming. 

I have mixed feelings on the effectiveness of a trading system. I think providing a way to obtain the mission monster components from a given season after the end of that season is a far more reasonable approach to the problem. Because lets face it, people are greedy, and are very likely to demand very high trades for the mission exclusive monsters or components, making them ineffective in the long run because no one is going to use the system. 

If they need money then why not make in app purchases a bit less laughable. At least in DIB you were guaranteed a monster you did not have. Gold eggs are ridiculous in this game. 20 gold eggs --> 1 good monster (a starter i could catch anyhow). That’s twenty bucks for a monster. These guys are shaming the concept of in app purchases. I mean you’ve got to be pretty rich to even consider buying gold and even then you should buy 3000+ to make it worth it, but even then nothing is guaranteed. I ha e little willpower to resist in app purchases for good games, and this is in my opinion a good game i could easily spend 20$ on. But I want those twenty dollars to get me somewhere and not just increase my already large assortment of sanders.

Not to devolve the thread (which I started) but you get free gold in game and even free gold eggs from single player quests and infinite dungeon.

20 gold eggs actually might not get you a good monster.

-spoken from true experience

Yes, I agree. most of the time I get lots of gustbats.

I get a lots and lots of sollamas.

My infernowyrm (which took around 90 eggs to get) has a stomach full of em.

Isnt this wrong section ?

This is supposed to be a thread about the rotation of weekly mission monsters so I’m pretty sure it’s the right section.