So I had an idea....

An online trading/auction house.

I don’t know if this would work or not, but I thought for the benefit of those collectors who have missed out on online mission rewards or any player who wants gold egg only arcs, there could be a trading system;

you put up an arc for trade for a specific Arcadian in return.

im sure there’s some not so avid players who got lucky and won an egg only Arcadian that would happily trade if for a more powerful Arcadian say a starter or hatchling, and I know I as a collector would trade say a dreadwolf for the chance to have a coveted egg only monster.

just an idea.

I’m pretty sure the online mission monsters will rotate, I don’t think they would only let you get once chance of getting a monster. :slight_smile:

The issue with trading is that it can be easily abused. One less abusable idea is that of Wonder Trading - do check that topic out if you haven’t already. It isn’t exactly what you’re wanting here, but it still gives players the chance at getting Arkadions that were missed.

I moved your topic to the suggestions section, as your post is just that.