Clone eggs?

I was just wondering if anyone knows if they will release the clone eggs from dragon island blue in like a weekend event or something. I think this will be a good way to get event monsters that are required for fusions, like minoflare or mossling.

What do you mean, clone eggs?

In DIB they had clone eggs for sale a few times for 300 gold. It lets you pick 10 monsters that you already caught, even event monsters or super rare monsters, and it puts only those 10 monsters in that egg. greatly increasing the chance of getting a rare monster that you already have. I think this would be great for people like me who got stuck with 3 minoflares and 3 mosslings after the events. Or to get more starters or dragons for fusions. They could either sell the eggs or give them out in events.

Anything’s possible if you have…imagination~

…just kidding.

It’s a possibility. I’d certainly like to have it. But it’s up to the developers, and I don’t believe that they’ve announced plans to as of right now.

In DIB they had that? Never seen it. Guess I started a little too late…

No one else remembers clone eggs from DIB!!!??!? They were they greates thing ever!! i got a second chaos rider from them lol they only released them like 3 times, but still. Does anyone else remember these? They need to be introduced to HI.

Never heard of them. When did they release them?

Never heard of it - and I played DIB a LOT… 

Ive heard of them
And remember them, infact i got another spikey from one :slight_smile: good times good times B)

Got a second Behemoth (now a bloodclaw) from a clone egg. Almost got another Dreadnought, that arrow scraped it and landed on the next monster. Admittedly the best type of egg out there. My suggestion maybe a platinum egg with the possibility of unreleased monsterS. This egg will be awArded by the Devs depending on circumstances.

Wait, when did this happen? Is it something they recently added?

The clone egg in DIB was rare I only saw it once. I think you could also only buy the egg once per promotion in store.

Yeah and it cost a hefty amout of gold but yeah, they should this in HI

Yup, they released 1 about 3 times I think and they cost between 300-500 gold. But yeah I got a 2nd chaos rider out of 1. They are the BEST egg EVER!! If you have a monster and don’t want to waste hours getting a second one or are you just one OM monster away from an OM fusion? This will be your savior!! This is the reason I want them to bring these back and as far as I’ve seen, this is the only thread about clone eggs on the whole forum so lets try to make this thread big so the makers will see this!!!