Baby Dragon ?

Hi !

In the beginning, Sorry for my english, i’m a french player of only 15 years old and i don’t use translator. :frowning:

I farm on the 4 spots of the baby dragons since a many days, in totaly, approximatly 15 hours, and i didn’t find a dragon :frowning:
I’m juste the luckless player (we can say that ? Luckless ?) of this game, or the french version have a very very very low spawn rate ?

Thx for you’re answers, it´s certainly hard for you to understand my english !

All versions have a very low spawn rate of .5%

You’ll get them eventually

Just takes time and patience. And your english is better than some others who’s first language is english ;3 Good luck on your hunt.

It does take a good bit of farming mate, just keep at it and you will run into them. And your english is fine so don’t worry about that =D

Make sure u have something else to do when ur farming to prevent rage quitting

Luckless can also be changed to unlucky :slight_smile:

Yay another french person :stuck_out_tongue:

Bon courage :slight_smile:

Hey another french !

Bonne chance !

Where’s the best place to search for baby dragons? Please help

The four places north of Agramis are the only locations where you can find them.

There’s only one spot for each and if you’re unlucky it takes forever. Farmed about 300-400 battles last night for Galey… nothing. Bleh.

Please take a look at the location guide. It has been mentioned before as well as the locations screen shot. :slight_smile:

Thanks up to 400+ battles there now and not a thing :frowning:

Its a low spawn rate, hope you get one soon.

How rare are the hatchlings in gold eggs?

There is another way to farm it faster, go to azid zuggarat, south of lassandal, and try to capture metallo. It is kinda rare, but in the long run it will be very useful. After u get metallo, evolve it into metallodious. What so good about metallodious is that is has this ability that allows it to escape a battle 100%. So u can escape a battle if u did not get the arkadion u want. I recommend this as yr three starting arkadions when catching rares, metallodious(escape ability), storm fox(flash bomb) and some random arkadion that speed is below 24. Hopes that this helps, at least this helped a lot for me. Good luck bro:):):):slight_smile:
If u r not sure go type in hunter island metallodious or metallo in google search

What is the % of finding the babies


I am trying to watch movies, or dramas or facebook while hunting as I am about to rage quit with this complicated baby dragons and I want to get that soltusk baby pig to infuse it w/ my tiger. Argh, annoying and more annoying when u see people who has like 3 each of those good wyrms lol.

How long does it take to find a sparky
Bluey took me about 3 tries but I think it will make finding other rares SUPER hard