Hatchling locations

I’ve started farming for Ashie, the baby fire dragon. On a wiki, it says it’s location is ‘‘Second step north of Agramis’’. When it says that, is it the second arrow tile on road that goes north-east ? I hope so cause that’s where I’ve been farming for a few hours…

Yes. There should be four arrows available north of Agramis - no detours or anything. The second arrow is where Ashie is.

Then I guess I’ll just keep farming ! Thanks !
I’d also like to know how much time it took for you guys to find a baby dragon. You can answer below.

No problem. ^^

I believe the first time it took me about a week with 1-3 hours a day. So about 14 hours in total. Not much, considering the others.

The quickest time I’ve spent was 4-5 hours for a galey.

I pulled first 2 wyrms in 3 hours total. Now 12 hours later im still trying to get the third lol

I guess you got very (very) lucky hits !

I got two of the the dragons leafie and ashie in two days