Dragon location

Do u find the dragon hatchlings in the first four spots north of agramis

Are dragons located in the first four spots north of agramis

Yes and please don’t make multiple threads

If you don’t get an answer right away, wait

Lol indeed, and btw ur questions have been answered

Where can you find all dragon types not just the hatchlings but all dragon types?

Hatchlings are your only option unless you roll for gold eggs.

Does catching rate change depending on level of the monsters that you have in your line up, also do you have to go back into Agramis after you travel north four spots or can you just walk up in down?

It does change but it’ll never be 100%

And you don’t even have to walk back and forth

Just pick a spot and tap on the spot you’re standing on.

It force the battel

yes but very rarely 

How far north are we talking??

4 steps

Wait so is it better to have strong monsters in ur line up or weak ones?

With really weak ones you could weaken them to guarantee capture with silver. But other then that it doesn’t make a difference. The weak ones will make it more likely that you’ll be forced into a battle the first time you walk on a spot but won’t effect the encounter chances

Where to find the dragon arks??

Check the list threads :slight_smile:

The hatchlings are the four spots above Agramis, though.

What??? What list threads??
There is nothing except seaquills bluechicks and breezelings!
There is nothing except seaquills bluechicks and breezelings!

Complete monster location lists, part 1and 2

They are pinned on this Subforum

And they also only have a .5% spawn

So calm down

-.- I have searched 100+ times and there is still…Nothing!

You’d be lucky if u found it by then.
Its a 1/200 chance(I think) so be patient dude

Well 1/200 is the best case senario foor catching hatcglings or worst case 1/1000+ ( happened to me )

They are foun in yhe four tiles north of argamis 1 north leafy 2 north ashie 3 north blue 4 north galey

Hope u catch em all LOL