Someone know where I find it!?

The baby dragons are found just north of Agramis.

in the first spot above Agramis?

In between Argamis and Windon.  

How many spots in between? If you know?

A few :wink:

Sorry but we can only give you so much, guys.

In a few weeks, We’ll have a wiki set up

Dose anyone know were to find the baby dragons

I couldnt find the dragons :frowning:

The baby dragons are found north of Agramis, they are very very rare, it can take upwards of 3-5 hours of grinding just for one.

Lol first try i got one. Second one followed quickly. Talk about luck!

I mean are they in the mountains or are they on the path

That’s for you to find out, we aren’t supposed to give out too much info, but keep searching, you’ll find them.

Thanks for the info guys!

Triklopswere did you get them how many spaces away from each town

I found the leaf one,and i remember it wasn’t on a mountain if that helps.I think it was in a forest,but possibly grasslands.

I got the leaf one in the first egg gold egg I got, and I found a Levi between finam and geat along the river, if anyone wanted to know that

Two spaces above the second town fellas. They are on the path. Good luck!

Which one is two spaces above?

Does anyone know where to find this big guy?