Dragon spawn rate

Okay so Does any1 know the spawn rate of dragons. Now I understand their rare… But I have just done 200 battles and over the past 4-5 days done close to if not 1000 and tabs with out going in a dif space or back to town or anything… Do you have to complete the game before they show or am I just the most unluckiest person on the game… Some info would be nice… As it’s making the game reparative and boating… And I would really like to enjoy the game as I have up until this point

The hatchlings have a 1/200 spawn rate per monster per battle. Meaning each time you tap that square there is a .5% chance that each monster that spawns will be a hatchling. There is no stacking percentage or anything, so each tap has the same spawn chance as the previous tap. There is supposed to be a 2000 counter per tile that will guarantee a rare spawn after 2000 encounters, however not enough is known about this counter, like for instance what resets it. And no you do not have to complete the game for the hatchlings to spawn.

These are supposed to be difficult and time consuming to get, it makes it that much more rewarding when you finally get your hatchlings. It took me a period of over a week to get all 4 sets of hatchlings, so dont give up, persistance will pay off in the end! Also make sure you are on the right tiles. The hatchlings are on the first 4 tiles north of Agramis following the path.

Yeah am in the right tiles thank you for that… What you say is the best way if doing it… Doing a tile at a time or doing. Battle I. Each tile and keep going back and forth though the tiles?

I’ve just succeded to get the 4 dragons in the north of Agramis in 3 days. Each of the 4 tiles right in the north of the city give u a dragon, just be patient :wink:

I’m up to over 400 battles/escapes looking for Greenie. This is exhausting.

Update: just got him (grade D, sadly) after about 500 attempts (I lost count after 450)