About RAW skill

@Saitama Lol now you’re getting it! Was it my post talking about how raw works in general for team building and as a strategy that changed your mind? I noticed you’ve gone around reading some of my older posts in other threads too, thanks for the hearts!

What this game really needs to stay good in the long run is for them to expand the dimensions of the game. That means introducing things like link, shields, mortar, raw and other such “archetypes”. I’ve actually suggested a couple to Dev_VKC which I really hope get implemented. I think all these new archetypes which change the playstyle of your team and make us think differently about team building are very cool! It’s our job as a community to be open to the new archetypes and help them be successful by trying them out properly and recommending how they could be made viable to the Devs. For raw the biggest thing I’d say is make raw monsters typically have more defence to stun, it fits perfectly with how you want to build the team. It looks like that’s how they’ve been created so far, so that’s great.

The only big issue I see with new archetypes is that it can take quite a few of the monsters or a decent pool of the older legendaries to properly utilise them. That means each archetype can be slow to get going or difficult to use so only a few people can create viable teams with them. I’d say to the Devs what they need to do is slip some of those monsters into eggs which people are going to roll. Then people will slowly get the pieces they need to make that archetype work. For example, mortar monsters have been almost entirely restricted to their own eggs which has left them very much underused. People had to specifically roll for them and those who haven’t are left with just one or none at all. It’s good to make some “themed” eggs but I feel like you’ve got to drip feed some of these other monsters into people’s collection to help people start using these archetypes properly.

Rolling Valz helped lol. I’m sure your posts helped as well they definitely helped. There is one post that helped a lot I think it was Woodward. He mentioned the idea of charging RAW while a protector is on the field.

From the beginning before any suggestions I felt that I needed Angelion and Valz maybe leogiest to make Null work. Perhaps even Gyo along with Lion and Null. I’ve faced Frontlines and midgames in the past without protectors and it was dangerous. But they all had a stun counter. That helped sooo much. Or at least an absorber without protection. That pickachu looking monster or bitterbeast.

I got no stun Counter. But to bad I should have ressearched what RAW meant before rolling. I’m not sure if I can pull it off but I’m gonna try with Valz and Null.

Thanks for all your advice. But please note. I still don’t think they got the new releases right:) I’m just not against RAW anymore. Still believe the monsters need to be very carefully made. But I don’t think Null needs Counter anymore. Shield entrance would have been enough. Anyway I’ll deal with it! Lesson learned before rolling…

Raw aint garbage

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you’re right, Raw is absolute trash. my bad


It’s more than 30 sec. that why it’s a lot better

Guys what is the exact TU reduction of RAW moves? Is it a percentage of the non RAW equivalent? Or a set reduction? Edit: no way it’s gonna be set. Has to be a percentage.

both RAW bloodfury and RAW bloodthirst are reduced from 130 secs to 100. so idk what these guys are on about when they say its more than 30. if they’re refering to novadrake well its because of his passive lol. i think it’s pretty funny that we bashed on RAW moves enough to make devs write a post about it and now all of a sudden RAW is perfectly balanced. it’s like people here don’t know what they want.

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Yep hahaha it seems that way

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A quote from my first post on this thread:

“This change will effect every raw monster. I think it’s over the top”<

I was against this change from the beginning of this thread. Even when I hated RAW moves. Now I don’t hate them and want to work with them. I’m still against this change. I hope that’s ok? I’m trying to be more positive and creative in my gameplay. Gotta adapt.

One problem with this suggested change is the fact that it’s going to effect EVERY RAW monster. The thing is some monsters are well balanced with RAW some aren’t. So changing will fix some monsters and screw others. The problem needs to be dealt with individually. On a monster to monster basis.

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Honestly i’m fine with the whole RAW mechanic. going in without protectors and brute forcing your way through other teams is interesting. i just feel like it isn’t rewarding enough… like whats the point of having less TU on my bloodmove if chromera can just come and ruin everything haha

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I think that for some monsters it isn’t rewarding enough no doubt.

If you use portion than the sec are reduced by a lot. At plus 9 that 100 sec raw move is 84 and 70 if accel

Raw monsters are nice idea but they need to be stun immune/counter/convetor otherwise they suck.

As for nova hes totally trash, his movest set and passive needs to be looked at. As for null giving him hg should make him useable


I think both are pretty fine they just don’t work for everyone but nova could use something to make it a little better maybe stun immune etc or take away raw and timestrike useles moves for it prob a lot better ideas in the nova thread

For null think it’s pretty fine fast knock back don’t know why people thought it would be different what did they think exc would one shot stuff or something

Raw was a odd skill for sure and it makes it hard for newer players to use it as it’s a more advance strat compared to others as you can’t rely on tanks

I agree, both need improving. You make some good points.

Some of these suggestions sound nice, but how about we randomly double the tu of one of nulltron’s moves instead?

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Sad cat crying face

P.S. Closing because it’s a necro