1 - The Shadowy Lightmare

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Don Penguini

Shadowstalker is a magnificent arkadion. However, it’s frustrating when it lulls its teammates to sleep, leaving you in a mess. This strategy is one that I created to prevent that from happening. It brings out Shadowstalker’s potential. 

First off, since Shadowstalker has incredible speed, it is likely that it will go first. You should use scapegoat on Chopperbug. Since it is weak, your opponents will most likely kill it. This stuns the enemies and brings out Orcow. Next up should be Gremknight. It should use haste. Then, Orcow should use sleep gas. This move puts every monster in play to sleep 100% of the time, and sacrifices itself. Then Pegasion comes out, and should go first due to its speed if you did this right. You should have it use Purify, waking up your monsters. Now you have an awakened Shadowstalker against 3 foes that are asleep. Dreamhunt to your heart’s content. But wait a minute, that was only one use! Aye, this strategy does not focus on one monster alone.

Next up  is Mossgolem, right? Shadowstalker is one tanky fella, so it should have survived longer than Gremknight and Pegasion. Use Scapegoat on Mossgolem. Fangbreak should get more credit than it does. This is essential, because it makes foes weaker for when Vegitiger comes out. Now, it all depends on what survived…or does it? If Mossgolem survived, foes will still attack it. And if they choose to attack Vegitiger, unless it’s an Arkwing or Magmawyrm, you can heal it with Moss. If it was Gremknight that was killed, the stun will be useful in letting you bane some monsters. If it survived, then you should haste and get some super-effective hits in. Now, you shouldn’t have to worry about Magmawyrm, because vengeance users usually go near the end. The biggest threat is Arkwing…but let’s say it kills Vegitiger…it’s at 250TU, and now your Arkwing is up with nice supporting arks and at least one stunned enemy. Great situation, no?

After that comes Barricadus. Its role is to support one of the two heavy-hitting arkadion that survived above. That’s a given. However, it is also there to protect your Minespider so that it can metallize, survive, and then Time Bomb.

Speaking of time bomb…after you use it, all 3 monsters of your opponent should die. Otherwise, it’s a barricadus, which serves no real threat, or another tank…anyways, you have one monster coming out, while your foe should have 2 or 3…yours is Destructor, one of the fastest monsters in the game. Also, dragons are quite common in the end of most line-ups…dracobane. Ahaha. If not, then use Xenoslash…and worst comes to worst, you should use Twilight, which is still pretty good. 

Then comes the famed Omegawyrm+Raioh+Angelon+Don Penguini combo. I have recommended this to countless players in the past for its versatility and effectiveness.

Omegawyrm hits heavily, and once it dies, raioh and angelon sacrifice for Showdowns from Don Penguini.

However…what happens if Raioh dies first? Then you haste with Angelon, no guard with omega, and Terminate. Since it has low defense, it will likely die, leaving you with Don Penguini and Angelon…you should have won before now, but you can still use offering and then Showdown.

Now, this is all well and good…in a perfect world. But things happen, and opponents aren’t always predictable. So…

If Chopperbug survives, worry not! Use Scramble or Bolster. These are both great moves. Scramble ruins enemy strategies, and bolster boosts the tankiness of both Mossgolem and Shadowstalker, giving you more time to pick away at your foes, and more protection for when your heavy-hitters come out.

If Minespider dies before you get to detonate it, worry not! It has a stun skin, so that should assist you in getting at least one hit in with Destructor. And with powerhouses, one is generally all you need.

If Barricadus gets metal-slashed, that means that the culprit needs to recover…giving you time to metallize and time bomb.

There’s a lot more that I’d like to discuss, but I’ll get to that later. This is all I can offer for now, as I have to work on more guides. Once we find a way to screen-record, I’ll post some video guides too. :slight_smile:

Oh wow, this is amazing, seriously a great team, too bad I don’t have a destructor… I’ll sub something else In its place…

Glad you think so. Good luck with your battles~

What can u replace with Pegasion and Minespider cuz I dont have them to make this succeed?

Hahaha, I’m fairly certain I got owned by this strategy an hour ago. Good work. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will need to train some arkadions to 99 first before using this combo but if this works im super exited that even I can manage to have a strategy , although its stolen then

Sorry about that. n.n

There are many other monsters with Purify, such as Anubis and Archeonis.

minespider can be replaced with any other heavy hitter. Choose a wyrm or a 9 or 9.5-star.

Nice strategy

Why thank you. Glad to hear that you like it~

This strategy is so much fun! Ahahahaha! It’s so funny when teams disconnect as soon as I purify and kill their front line up.

Indeed. :slight_smile:

I’m literally counting the disconnects, I’m at 4, 4 in a row

yep, it’s frustrating to face it. hilarious to use it.

Btw I replaced destructor with bloodclaw, and it’s been working very well.

Aye, that can always work.

Metal slashes will be essential in the future. Trust me n.n

Seems like Shrubtooth has Lullaby, and it only targets enemies, along with Enchant and Charisma. Would this be a be a better option to Orcow? 

But brilliant strategy and thanks for sharing this.

Thank you!

Sounds like a good strategy. What can you use instead of moss golem, destructor and vegitiger? Thanks

The problem with Shrubtooth’s lullaby is that it hardly ever works. However, once more Online Missions come out, there will probably be better strategies. I am glad to see that you’re thinking strategically though n.n

No problem. :slight_smile:

Instead of Moss Golem, I recommend another Tanky monster…perhaps one with healing capabilities if you choose to do so.

Instead of Destructor and Vegitiger, you’ll want very powerful hitters. The reason they are there is because…well, they annihilate. Ahaha. But again, any other heavy-hitter would work.

A lot of people like this strategy aparently, I keep running into it lol!!!