3 - Fiery passion

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Don Penguini

This is actually one of the teams that I have used quite a bit. I achieved great win streaks with these, so I know that they work n.n

Like always, Shadowstalker should use Scapegoat on Mossgolem. It’s a fantastic combination. Chopperbug should scramble first, and bolster if possible. Then you pick at opposing health. Now…if one monster happens to die, feel free to Dreamhunt with Shadowstalker, as chances are that Pegasion will be able to Purify it. And if Shadowstalker hits pegasion, use scapegoat on another monster so Pegasion won’t fall victim to an enemy dreamhunt. Gremknight will also speed your team up so that you can keep picking away enemy health. THen make sure you scapegoat Gremknight, because you want that stun skin to activate.

Now then…as monsters pass, your goal will be to get magmawyrm and frillzeon out together, and goldenhorn as well if possible. This is why Pegasion is a great strategic monster. Sendback ftw man. Anyways, if time permits, use No Resist or No Guard…but be careful, they can be fragile…it all depends on the situation. Either way, it’s a quick 3+ kills for ya…

Now, you’d be better off if you didn’t use No guard and used Guardian instead…but either way is fine. If you had Goldenhorn use guardian, you are set to metallize with minespider and then blow the enemies up. Then Vegitiger, Destructor, and Omegawyrm are there to start some annihilating…

Then there’s the Omegawyrm+Raioh+Angelon+Don Penguini combo…

Omegawyrm hits heavily, and once it dies, raioh and angelon sacrifice for Showdowns from Don Penguini. However…what happens if Raioh dies first? Then you haste with Angelon, no guard with omega, and Terminate. Since it has low defense, it will likely die, leaving you with Don Penguini and Angelon…you should have won before now, but you can still use offering and then Showdown.

Lol nice guide. 

Thankies n.n