Am I missing something about Mossgolem?

Why is Mossgolem ranked so high? It has 9.5 stars, and yet the only damage move he has is ally fist, which is dependant on how many earth arkadions you have. Why should I put him on my team instead of say a hatchling? 

Hes very tanky which works well since he has fang breaker which weakens enemy arks that attack moss. He has risky heal which can be a very good move in situations where u need to heal that almost dead omegawyrm or other important ark of yours. Siesta can be adecent move for stalling but relies too much on luck to be dependable anywhere else. And like you said, it gets a stronger punch with more earth arks. Not all high starred monsters have to be capable of one shotting everything in sight you know. They have other strengths.

Get Shadowstalker to cast Scapegoat on it and you will see why.

It is the only tank that has Risky Heal. And if your other 2 Arks have casted high TU skills (e.g. 250 TU), you can use Siesta to buy some time back.

Get shadowstalker to use scapegoat on it then use Mossgolem to do Siesta and if ur lucky enough then let him do Risky Heal while the others are still asleep and then finish the rest off with Dreamhunt… I know that this would be superlucky but it works sometimes but there are others with Siesta but not as tanky as Mossgolem

But Siesta will put Shadowstalker asleep too.

Shadowstalker + Mossgolem + Infernowyrm may be viable.

If ur lucky it Will Miss, Thats Why i saud u have to be lucky or have a second Shadowstalker as fourth in line up

Well not everyone has 2 and if he is talking about pvp you can only use one so…

Then go with Tiberius his strategy?

^Aye, the strategy was made for the whole “I JUST DAYDREAMED MY OWN MONSTER” and the “OMG SIESTA MISSED ALL OF THE OPPONENTS BUT HIT ME” problems. Ahahaha. n.n

Anyways…mossgolem is great with some of the more powerful earth monsters, such as Golgemios. It’s also great as a tank.

Golgemious? Whats that?

A very powerful earth monster. Future Online Mission.

Oh wait derp i know him he is that emerald giant guy, yeah i know him