2 - The Brave Defenders

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Don Penguini


Many people think of tanks as monsters that are only there to absorb damage and protect your heavy-hitters. But not many people thought of making the tanks become the damage-dealers. Rooknight is one of the more strategic monsters in the game. I created this strategy not too long after the game was released. I shared it not long after, and it seemed to gain popularity. It’s one of my favorite strategies due to its amazing versatility. This guide is to tell you all how to use it.


Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? Shadowstalker is a fantastic monster to use. It’s stats are simply outstanding, I did post a guide on how to use it to its fullest, but Shadowstalker’s purpose on this team is for support. Now then…you’ll begin by Scapegoating your little Chopperbug. I know, it seems cruel…but it’s necessary. 


Once Chopperbug is dead, your opponents are stunned. Then you should scapegoat Shadowstalker at the next opportunity and just chain claw with it. Mossgolem should use Ally Fist, while Vegitiger lands super-effective moves against opponents with the least TU till the next attack.  Once Rooknight comes into play, it will boost the power of Mossgolem even more…or, you could have used scapegoat on mossgolem and then use risky heal constantly on itself/vegitiger. This way, fangbreak lowers the enemy’s stats, giving you more hits with Vegitiger before it passes. OR, you can scapegoat shadowstalker and use no defense from rooknight and go crush your foes with your now-Overpowered earth monsters.


But what if you get taken down by some AoE? Simple…you can tailwind and sparcrash, stunning enemies, while barricadus protects…then gremknight hastes, and then rooknight and gremknight both stun…and if you get an opening, no defense and crush them…but what if Rooknight gets killed? Then you have a tank, a haste-user, and arkwing…oh yeah…you speed up, protect, and demolish. Fun, right?


Then there’s Subzeratops and Minespider. Subzeratops can use guardian, protecting Minespider. Then you metallize with it, and then…boom, all 3 monsters of your opponent should die. Otherwise, it’s a barricadus, which serves no real threat, or another tank…anyways, you have one monster coming out, while your foe should have 2 or 3…yours is Destructor, one of the fastest monsters in the game. Also, dragons are quite common in the end of most line-ups…dracobane. Ahaha. If not, then use Xenoslash…and worst comes to worst, you should use Twilight, which is still pretty good. 


And at the very end…again, the Omegawyrm+Raioh+Angelon+Don Penguini combo…


Omegawyrm hits heavily, and once it dies, raioh and angelon sacrifice for Showdowns from Don Penguini. However…what happens if Raioh dies first? Then you haste with Angelon, no guard with omega, and Terminate. Since it has low defense, it will likely die, leaving you with Don Penguini and Angelon…you should have won before now, but you can still use offering and then Showdown.

U and ur brilliant strategies!

Why thank you n.n

Gearwolf is coming out…I’ll make a better version of this with Gearwolf and a few other monsters once they are released. What to call it…idk.

I tried Rooknight and Barry. It worked well 1-2 weeks ago.

But these few days somehow after casting No Defence, Barry still did very pitiful damage 1xx - 2xx. A bug? Has anyone recently tried this combo and got similar situation?

To be honest, there are a few questions when it comes to damage. Frillzeon, Destructor, Don Penguini, etc…it’s all really iffy. 

But yeah…strange…considering barricadus has such phenomenal defense.