Your record.

Curious to see everyone’s pvp record. I’m 157-68.


Nice. Is that counting disconnects? I’ve seen a few of you guys talk about using beta arks to catch cheaters, and leaving during a match.

No it doesn’t count disconnects. Which, by the way, is a bug. A few of them have been due to a loss when you really win bug, but most of my losses are legit losses.

I’ve answered texts a few times while in a match, when I come back it says I disconnected. It doesn’t count those as loses? I’ve never payed much attention to it.

It should in that case.

Is there a way to leave a match and not have it count? I’m not asking how, I’m asking if it’s possible. If so I hope it’s fixed to not allow it.

Yes, there is.

Well I hope it’s not well known. It’s very annoying when people have fake w/l records, or are able to control them.

7-0 (I just starting Pvping) Hoping to keep this score updated semi frequently xD

Not a bad start at all!


That is a nice looking record 0.o basically a 90% Win percentage :o

Yeah i started going on massive winning streaks pretty consistently lately.

W: 246
L: 95

Nothin to brag about I guess :confused:

Yes, I know. I did not disconnect and only started pvp when I was totally sure my team was ready.

Wow! That’s extremely impressive! I myself will not have a record that shiny, but i can dream :slight_smile:

I started PvP way in beta when I was required to use very low star monsters (5 or less?)… and I didn’t do very good with them. 

Sounds like a rough time Ashley. Thus shows the life of a beta tester! (Long hours, no pay) :stuck_out_tongue:

Wins: 133

Losses: 34

That including the DC and bugs.