Disconnect is ridiculous

In about the last 20 fights I have prob ended up disconnecting ten times and I always lose. The last person I was against was on his last ark and had roughly 100 health left and it was my go then it says I dced and lost when i would of 100% killed him. So why do I always end up with the loss and never get a win from it

Welcome to the club. n.n

Please be patient

The update is coming and the Devs are doing everything they can to fix it

…246 wins 150 losses… I feel your pain… That and the loss glitch when you win!.. Hope the devs will restart our win loss ratio when its fixed :slight_smile:

5 matches today 5 losses from disconnect. About 75% of my losses are from disconnect
Make that 6 and now in the bottom league. Nice one
7… Might aswell burn my tickets