Ok...someone clarify the "rules"

Are Beta testers supposed to be engaging in PvP with us normal folk?

Not on my account, but I just saw a lineup with every unreleased Ark. It kicked butt, then dc’d at the end to give the player the win.

We are aloud to play random games, just not with any unreleased monsters.

It can be either beta testers or hackers. They play very differently though.

For beta testers, they use their exclusive Arks to patrol for hackers. I have just battled one today. When battling them, you will notice they don’t try hard to win you. For examples, they give up turns often, and tend to knockback your Arks rather than killing them. Once they are “happy”, they will disconnect and you get free diamonds. The key is, don’t give up too soon when you see all these exclusive Arks, they may actually mean a free win for you.

But if they do not disconnect and defeat you, they should be hackers. Go to Game Centre to check their names and report here.

And of course, if you can defeat them, you should be proud of yourself!

Its Travis

Well not on my last match though it seems. Guy didn’t disconnect and checked on GC that his name is Travis.

Isn’t it unfair if this beta tester shows up with all unreleased Arks and decides to smash teams of normal people? Or is Travis the only guy allowed to not follow the rules?

He’s breaking the rules, and he’ll be banned for it.

This team just ended my 9 streak (master league) I lost but was only two arks from the win.

Well, congratulations on getting that close, at least… that means you’re quite good.

Thanks for the info!

Ash he wasn’t playing as serious as you always have been :slight_smile: No statis whatsoever & once scrambled, not much better than most teams tbh.

if they don’t dc then they hack or the beta testers are doing it on purpose

Again, all betas except for one are avoiding PVP

This one isn’t listening and will be taken care of in the update