PvP Disconnects

Recently, I have been given many disconnect wins. I had 2 today, 3 yesterday, and 2 the day before yesterday. I didn’t do anything, but it seems most of my games now end up in a disconnect win for me. Is this happening to anyone else?

Also, i only played 2 games today and the day before yesterday, and i played 6 games yesterday.

Many players force a disconnect when they know they’ve lost or are about to lose. It’s quite common.

The 2 today were both at the beginning of the battle (I think they both had 12 arks in reserve), and where they killed more arks than I have. Also, at least 90% of my battles were disconnected these past few days

Some of them could be due to poor connectivity issues – that happens a lot, really. Otherwise, they may have just not wanted to finish the fight for some reason or another.

Maybe they’re just helping a “brutha” out

I have noticed people force quit a lot when something doesn’t go according to plan. It is just like rage quitting in any online game. 

I force disconnect all the time and I’m usually WINNING when it happens. Get a lot of personal calls when winning. When losing i don’t get those personal calls. I guess some kind of law at work. My wife sent me to Veterans league the other day b/c she kept adding to the grocery list…

In about 75% of my matches the opponent disconnects before the end of the match. Most of the completed matches are ones where I lose. Many disconnects are right before the end but there are a lot that disconnect almost immediately if the first couple of moves don’t go their way.

LoL… Yeah like stegospike getting 5 BA

I agree that BAs are a major reason for rage disconnects. It amazes me that something as easy as this has not been fixed. It alone is worth an update.

Just 2 updates: nerf stego / cap the BA. Re-haul the entire game engine after…

Well I also saw many players DC just before they lose, not sure if that’s an rage quit or somehow they think it helps them to keep the winning streak? :wink:

One of the reasons that I hate disconnects is that I used reincarnate a number of times with my kami but have never seen what the reincarnation ark was.