Your Opinion on Hunter Island

I FINALLY got the game, and I’m a few minutes in, so i don’t have anything meaningful data-wise to discuss, but I thought I should rack up some discussion. What is your opinion on the game? Is it better than DIB? What improves? What would you improve?

Hunter Island, to me, builds on some of the great features implemented in Dragon Island and only adds even better features. The storyline in DIB was its weak point and I never got captivated by it. However, Hunter Island has a fantastic and in-depth story and explains all aspects of the game including the first ones (I never quite understood why spirit totems were a thing in DIB).

The artwork is completely different and appeals to a different audience so people coming from DIB might be a bit reluctant to give it a try but the monsters themselves are far more developed in my opinion and I prefer the cartoonish art style. The travelling feels more natural too for some reason and it feels like everything just works well together.

The strong implementation of community aspects such as the online missions and PvP brings a fantastic mechanic to the game which will keep people playing long after they have completed the storyline and quests (which there are an absolute tonne of).

In a nutshell; Dragon Island Blue running on 1000%  By adding an amazing storyline to gameplay we are relativly familiar with.  Plus come on who doesn’t love PvP?