Game Impressions from Beta Testers

Beta Testers, if you have a minute, please share your impressions about the game here so that other people know what they are getting into. Please do not provide story spoilers, ie what happens at the end of the game etc, general background stuff is ok :slight_smile:


Okay, guys.

Here’s the short version:

Hunter Island is awesome.

Here’s the long version:

Hunter Island is fun. No, really— it’s ridiculously fun. Did you like DIB? Well, you would absolutely LOVE HI. Didn’t like DIB that much? Well, HI is MUCH better than DIB. I mean, DIB was great, but HI was better. Way better. The graphics, the music, the PLOT, argh! It’s so amazing!

The art, too! Is it too cute for you? Well, there are plenty of kick-butt monsters for you to collect instead of cute, cuddly ones. And if you like cute AND cool, you’re going to have a field trip. There are SO many awesome monsters, fusions, and summons, and they are releasing even more. Seriously, I couldn’t ask for anything else.

And the storyline! Wow, there is plenty of plot twists and funny gags! The humor is great, and the characters have a wide range of lovable personalities and everything! And you know how some games introduce a side character and then forget about them? HI is not like that. You see side characters again and again and you WILL NOT forget any.

The map is great, too! There are a lot of towns, just like DIB, and a lot of biomed filled with a lot of different monsters.

And did I mention the grades?!

Grades are a feature that isn’t in DIB. It’s E to A, and then an S, with E being the lowest and S being the highest. Higher grades are predictably much harder to find than lower grades so if you collected all monsters… go find higher ranks! Higher grade also means greater chance for bonus attacks— something that can be vital in solo play and PvP.

PvP! Another great feature! Wow, I had so much fun playing with others in PvP! For those that aren’t familiar with it, it stands for player versus player, where you fight another player’s team with your own. The best thing about it is that you won’t be outmatched in level— your team is defaulted to a level everyone shares. There will also be ranks and rewards for winning battles. I’m sure it’ll be a huge hit!

And and and the online missions! You can reap HUGE rewards from these things! They give you an opportunity to compete for a rare monster, and even if you don’t get it, you are still handsomely rewarded. Terribly fun, and it’s worth your time.

My favorite part is the story. It’s just so perfectly put together. The characters, plot, everything. Wow. Just wow.

If you’re doubtful about getting HI then I am trying to persuade right here and now that IT IS WORTH IT. There are minimal crashes and annoying bugs. There is so much to do in HI and it will be a very very long time before you run out of things to do even if you invest hours and hours into it every day.

Really, it’s a masterpiece.

You know, Kooka, you could’ve saved some of that alphabet soup for us :wink:


Hunter Island leaves me wanting more. And not in a bad way either. I’ve put more time into this game more than any other and not because I had to. Because I WANTED to.

The art is pretty fantastic, the music is well done and the storyline along with all the extras are amazing.

This is the natural evolution to Dragon island and it raises the bar higher for those “other” Games.

I love this game, the amount of work that was put into it and I can only hope that the developers will continue not only to make wonderful games, but to continue be heavily connected with the community

Hunter Island is an addicting game, once you start playing it’s almost impossible to stop.  So many things to do aside from the main story quest; leveling up your monsters, doing side quest and now as an added feature…Multiplayer!  That is right you can now fight your friends and see who is the better hunter!

Unlike most RPGs similar to Hunter Island, the game never feels like a chore.  You aren’t forced to spend two to three hours leveling up your monsters just to be able to move on in the story.  You play Hunter Island the way you want to play it!

As a person who doesn’t play many iOS games on the app store, Hunter Island is one of the few I find myself with no battery life left on my iPod.  You can see how much love and dedication has been put into making this amazing game.

As I walked into the beta, I had high expectations. After playing Dragon Island Blue a bit too much, who would not get excited for an upgrade, with pvp and more monsters?

But despite the high expectations I had, Hunter Island easily beat it.

The animation is great. whether you are running around in dungeons, or is busy fighting a boss, the animation still amazes me.

The story is what this kind of game usually falls on. While I can’t tell you anything specific, I can say that at least I was not dissapointed. Not the slightest. there were times I laughed, times I felt good (for being such a good person in the game, silly huh?), and times I wanted to scream “GAH! WHY ME!??”

And then theres pvp. It has some great regulations,(you can only use one of each monster), and the developers, from staying in daily contact with us betas, has done everything they can to balance it. theres many cases of monsters being too oppressive, where the devs on our advice have nerfed specific monsters. Theres also been many glitches Im glad you guys wont be experiencing. The developers worked hard to fix that, and those of us in the beta could see that clearly.

And due to pvp, online events as well as its grade system (each monster is either grade S, A, B, C, D or E) the game wont just end when you have clreared the story and caught one of each monster.

So in short, Im hoping that you guys will enjoy Hunter Island as much as I did.


Well, what can I say?


  1. Lots of monsters.

  2. Great story.

  3. Great battle system / great abilities monsters can use (with more strategy involved than there was in Dragon Island).

  4. Neat boss fights.

  5. PvP.

  6. Great concept of “missions” (online).

  7. Grade system / bonus action system.

  8. Movement system is a lot better than Dragon Island’s.

  9. And plenty more.


  1. You don’t get much work done because you’re always playing Hunter Island.

For some reason, the app world is in short supply of good monster catching games.  There are quite a few games out there, but for one reason or another I eliminated them from my device after a short period of play. I was one of many players who played Geomon previously. It was my main game and I was on it every day for over a year.  When Geomon was discontinued, many of us looked around for a replacement.  One game we found was Dragon Island Blue.  I thought, “What an awesome game this is!!   If only it had multiplayer with PvP.”   TADA!!!   Hunter Island is THAT GAME!   It has a better story and larger map and more stuff to boot. 

While I probably preferred the more serious tone of the artwork in Dragon Island Blue, the monsters here are well designed and look awesome.  Plus there are SO many.  I love the battle style of the game.  It is an advanced system of mechanics that takes practice to master and such a wide variety of strategies and monster combos that no two teams will be the same.  The online missions also add a variety to the game that Dragon Island Blue didn’t have.  Even after the story is complete, you will not be done with this game.  You have endless playing time left to perfect your team, catch better monsters, hone your PVP skill and do online missions to get prizes not available elsewhere in the game. 

My expectations for Hunter Island were high since I was so into Dragon Island Blue, but those expectations got surpassed within just a few hours after starting HI. Sure, the artwork ain’t as grand as the Dragon Island game, but everything else is just so much better that I don’t even think about it anymore. I’ve even grow fond of the art now after getting into the game. The cute factor ain’t worse than in any other game.

The battle system is similar to the Dragon Island Blue, but greatly improved. Mashing the same skills over and over again won’t always be the best way to proceed since strategy has a big impact on how well you will endure. And that you will surely see in the new and epic PvP system. It’s fun to play the game as it is, but why not show your Arkadians to your friends and foes alike, and pummel them while you are at it?

The world is made with perfection. It has an old retro-style look to it but still feels new and fresh. It’s fun to just run around and look for Arkadians aswell as going into the caves and do some spelunking to see what’s below the ground aswell. Head into the towns local stores to see what they have for sale aswell as going into the pubs and see what stories the townfolks has to share with you.

Everything is put well together aswell as the main story which makes you both laugh and feel attached to the characters. But there are so many things to do besides the main story. Side quests to conquer, online events with different rewards and as said before, PvP. You can see that the Developers have put their hearts and souls into this magnificent monster catching game. The thing that caught my eye at first is that anyone can get equaly strong without having to pay any kind of money at all into it. Just this alone is a big plus and it shows that the Devs aren’t a greedy bunch of people and they actualy care about their community, making the game alltogether a more enjoyable game to play and also giving it a brighter future.

Welp… I’m gonna be that guy and say that, for iOS, you’ll get some great gameplay value out of this game.

If you consider every monster collection game of this type ever made… it’s pretty good. Not perfect, but good.

This solid level of quality throughout the game is what drags the player in, because there is rarely a moment where you feel like “Wait, why is this here?” or “I don’t get what I’m supposed to do…” All the monster abilities work well together as you play the game, and you get a great rhythm going as you play. The difficulty balance is tuned very well, so that players can actually control when they hit certain story milestones, with no pressure beyond the needs of the story.

It’s only when you compare the game to other monster collecting games where you start to notice some flaws. Your character is mostly silent, and is often dragged around the map as the story dictates. This can become a problem, since the story will prompt you to press further along the storyline… even though you rarely need to do so, if you so desired.

Okay, so that’s something that really isn’t that big of a deal. Sure, it means that the game doesn’t have a challenging level of difficulty for a while, but things do ramp up. All in all, that flaw’s just a nitpick. But what else is there?

Dungeons are the same room after room. Sure, a different dungeon often has a different TYPE of room which reflects the difference in location, but every room IN that dungeon is homogeneous with respect to that dungeon, i.e. a forest dungeon will have all its rooms as forest rooms, etc… It is pretty easy to get lost as a result because each room looks close to identical with the other.

Then again, dungeon runs can be short depending on how serious a player is about “catching them all”, and you can always instantly teleport back to the last town you visited, so getting lost isn’t that big of an issue. There is also the fact that dungeon runs use randomly generated rooms, so it would stand to make sense that the rooms would look the same. Again, only a nitpick, and not that big of a deal.

While IAP is designed to give players a shortcut to hours of grinding, attempting to breeze through the game purely on IAP is a huge mistake. Sure, you can get powerful monsters this way, but they will be weak when you get them, so you’ll still have to train them up some before they can kick some serious butt. The only questioning glance I have is the fact that you can purchase First Ones, which are uber-powerful monsters that can only be summoned by damaging/getting damaged by enemies. They are well-balanced within play because it takes time to unleash them, and you won’t be able to use them again until you return to town, but they have a very powerful function in the storyline. There are “reasons” why you’re collecting First Ones, so the fact that you can buy them outright from the start if you have enough money decreases their significance. Then again, not everyone plays these kinds of games for their story, so again, just a nitpick. Is there anything else?

Storyline is kinda cliche at select parts, but that’s not a big deal, and the devs do rise to the challenge and deliver some good world-building and characterization that turn the cliche elements into a strength: the story is familiar enough to be recognizable, yet it works with that familiarity in interesting ways. It isn’t too mind-blowing, especially at first, but there will be moments where you realize the fact that world-shaking events are happening and threatening the livelihoods of everyone in this universe, and you FEEL it when those moments hit.

Sure, all this decently-crafted storytelling is told near-purely through dialogue and can be easily skipped by impatient taps by an impatient finger controlled by an impatient gamer, but the fact that effort was put into the story to make it more than the cliche associated with it is very, very welcome. So, again, merely a nitpick.

Now, say it with me: “BUT WHAT ELSE IS THERE?!”

That’s the thing with this game. There are nitpicks and flaws, but they are nearly inconsequential when you consider the overall quality of the product. This game fits the definitions of “solid”, “well-rounded” and “thought-out.” The gameplay is fine-tuned, and actually gives non-damaging moves a reason to exist on a strategic level. The art style is consistent, the monsters are unique, and the gameplay flow is the best I’ve seen in games of this kind. Sure, there may be tiny things that niggle at you in the back of your mind, but they do not matter when you’re in the thick of playing the game, because there are a lot more things done right than there are things done… not QUITE so right.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the current state of the game. It’s a solid winner, and a workhorse of fun for gamers of all types. Any flaws that I was able to find are nitpicks in the long run, so don’t let my crusty attitude turn you away!


Mr. Album

This game will blow your mind, it is such a step up from Dragon Island Blue (amazing game already). So if you enjoyed D.I.B. then what are you waiting for, go get the game, don’t hesitate, it couldn’t be more worth the whopping $1, that comes out to a grand total of 1/4th what you spent on that morning coffee at (insert copyrighted coffee shop name here). 

 Why wouldn’t you want this game, it has :

  • An amazing story line
  • Great art and graphics
  • More bang for your buck than anything (You pay 60 times this to get into an amusement park for 8 hours, you get 60+ hours out of this easily)
  • You get to support these wonderful developers and be a part of this awesome community, don’t be afraid to stick your head out there, we are all pretty friendly :slight_smile: (except for me when I don’t get my $4 coffee, lol jk)
  • You get some intense PvP (includes but is not limited to: full bragging rights, awesome rewards, and an overall entertaining time)
  • Lets not forget this game will be continually supported for a while, great thing to go ahead and grab now and get ahead of the crowd.
  • A lot to look at, hours of gameplay, a plethora of monsters, and a thriving community to be engaged in all for a mere $1, what are you waiting for?

I would honestly recommend this game over any game any day, it is a heck of a lot of fun!




jk :smiley:

but im really impatient now .-.

So sorry, but we where asked to do this, and waiting only inteneseifies the fun you’ll have once you get it.

To be honest, (can we post here yet?) I would’ve done it somewhere else even if it wasn’t asked. I’m just a big blob of overly-excited enthusiasm.

I know how you feel doom I cant wait to catch me some fire creatures

Also the trailers making me more impatient 

I know how you guys feel, being second round beta, and everyone i knew on here being a tester at the time, i got to look a lot, but i couldn’t touch, don’t worry it will be out soon, if apple would hurry up.

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