Question for veterans of Dragon Island Blue

I like Hunter Island and see the potential for cool strategies and content expansion once they level the playing field a bit.

In the meantime, do any of you Dragon Island Blue veterans recommend me playing that game? Other than to alleviate boredom, that is. Will it feel like I’m taking a step backwards from this game?

Thanks for your input.

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I do. It’s a fantastic game. It’s focused more on single-player than this, so you might think that it’s less advanced. However, the art is fantastic, the storyline is amazing, and it gets you to appreciate the monsters as well. If Dragon Island Blue had PvP, I would definitely leave this place in a heartbeat. I love HI, but I did enjoy DIB’s monsters and storyline a lot more.

Ah, so no PvP? Interesting…

Any other major differences?

What do you think Hunter Island does better?

It doesn’t have Bonus Actions or the ranking system. The storyline feels alot more focused and polished in HI over DIB. However I do absolutely love the monsters in DIB and I agree the artwork is fantastic. Some monsters are extremely OP because there is no PvP aspect to the game. I loved DIB and I love HI so I definitely recommend checking it out!

If anything I would recommend DIB solely to see the pure awesomeness that is Blademaster

Yes play it, it is worth the $1. Catch 2 Noku near the first town and evolve them, you will thank me later.

It has no PVP. The only post-game content is the infinite dungeon.The difficulty curve is very steep once you reach the post-update content.

After completing DIB, you will miss the Blade Master, Iron King and Aqua Horror.

Sweet, I’ll give it a try!

I think it was a great game, but I do prefer HI significantly more. It’s still worth checking out :slight_smile:

I never played Dragon Island , too bad!

@previousposts - I respect those monsters and all…

…but Wolf God all the way.

You mean 3 wolf god’s

I do so love blade master though

More like 12.

But yeah, blademaster is nice. Dreadnaught too. And ofc I love Shenron :stuck_out_tongue:

My frontline was 2 dreadknought and shadow rider. How i spent to much time on that game and a bit to much money lmao

Also get a light crawler and a white dolphin and of course some nokos like.snow.said and when they evolve they become awesome and i also reccomend NOT evolving your hatchlings all the way so when they become dragons.dont further evolve.and go for.more so you can get the omega magma and typhoon wyrm dib.equivalent (since there.isnt pvp there.way better then them actually) and also go for iron king, aqua horror, blade master, dragoons, deep whale, and pick up a giant.ant.early on because they may suck now but there evo is used for blade master (another great fusion metioned.many times) and sorry for all that has the crappiest touch screen ever (even worse then a ds)

Infact its so bad that post took me 20 mimutes

Ok, this game will be a long haul because I’m only playing when I’m bored with HI.

Any advice for Hero point distribution?

Lol shenron is good as a spirit totem but for the monster version I must say I still prefer time. It has more skills lol. More fun to play. And I miss my teddy and chaos rider :stuck_out_tongue:

Wolf god! Oh how I loved him. I was hoping Voltiger would be like him but sadly he’ll just have to live on in DIB immortality.

Pick up two giant ants, Chimera Ant is useful for it’s powerful poison/haste down move in it’s own right. Also the spawn rate for hatchlings is lower (1/1000 not 1/200) but it’s easier to time eggs. The bonus for tournament completion is

You get to use all the totems (equivalent of first ones) as monsters that you can include in your team and actually control

Chimera Ant was one of my favorites as well. So many great (and relatively OP) monsters in that game ,but it is actually much more challenging in my opinion than HI solo play wise. heck I may even replay it someday :open_mouth:

Too bad they got rid of the best leveling spot ever haha

Yeah i miss ol swindene and the lvl 150 crabs :confused:

And btw Time was the best spirit and monster all the way B)

Shenron should have been earth type - that way it would have had an earth type totem that was actually useful